🔆 Gyosha Mall + Gyosha Syndicate Guild Mega Thread


I had to custom order one yesterday :frowning:


Oh looks like ive found another item to sell lol


People use slingbows, fists, grapples, food, and anything with auto-loot during meteor fights.
They also use healing bombs.
World regen bombs are popular, in general.


Heck, yes. All the shovels you see for sale are either plain or massively expensive gem things.

Low cost AoE titanium shovels should fly off the shelves for you.

Gotta get that clay.


2399c at Original Forgeries, but not in Gyosha Mall :wink:

Maybe I should open a little shoppette there too!


Wait, 2399c for forged? :open_mouth:
Yes, please! lol


Forged titanium tools, yes, 3x3, high dmg and a random 3rd boon. Not often but sometimes has a quirk. I have hammers, shovels and axes…

Added new stock at my market stall in New Leyden this afternoon.
They do indeed go fast tho!

If the portal costs wouldn’t be so crazy between Gellis and Gyosha Ophin I might… but…


I know what you mean. I can’t maintain a portal to Crypt hub @Salvatory has a really nice hub built up :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


I thought you had one going there? had to close it?


We did, but I let him know that I wouldn’t be able to fuel it, so it’s closed. Two portals to Finata is too much for me to handle right now


Yeah I can understand that…

I have more than 2 to Finata, then again, for me they aren’t that costly, still, I find it a tad, ehmm, overkill. It’s also why I closed the rarely used Ultima Mall one…


I’d be heading there now if I wasn’t at work.


Well, after work then! And if they are gone when you arrive, let me know thru a PM at the mailbox, then I will save a few from tomorrow’s batch for you! How’s that sound?

Right now am gonna crawl into bed (ha! I might be up again in 6 to 8 hours and you might then still be playing, worth a try to check then if I’m around!).


Somebody took it over - so you’re still getting the footfall from me :slight_smile:




Fret not! If you need to quickly get between the Legendville Mall, Gyosha Mall, or New Leyden Market, Ark’n’Art’s has you covered… :wink:


Come to think of it, Ultima HQ on Finata, the Gyosha Mall portal, if you take the silver stairs on the left when you come out of that portal, go up 1 level, then on the right is the New Leyden Market portal. And to the left of that are 2 other big portals for other places, then the stairs up, then Bayern portal and lo and behold, there to the left of is a Legendville portal :slight_smile:
Not quite sure if it’s the mall one or the regular one tho, but still, close enuff :slight_smile:

All 3 close together!


If you follow the gyosha mall portal from the crypt, you’ll see someone else took the portal over (into their shop) - And it’s probably getting you more footfall now (as it’s an appealing entrance to the mall, as people can see shop stands right through the portal)


I LOVE how all of these amazing places connect to each other without a problem!!! There’s absolutely zero fighting between malls, hotspots, footfall, or guilds over anything!!! Such a great site to read about and see daily!

A civilization isn’t civilized without peace

I’m talking to you guys! It’s people like you, who make this game so much better for the new, the middle, and the veterans to keep coming back to! Thank you! (My apologies if I missed anyone else a part of this)


Hey guys my new shop ‘The Rabbit Hole’ is now open in Gyosha Mall. (Shop 66) Selling Forged Gear :slightly_smiling_face: