🔆 Gyosha Mall + Gyosha Syndicate Guild Mega Thread


Shop owners are allowed complete freedom to use any materials in the game. There are a couple of shops that have LEDs - most of them do not. There was one space that was used to make a youtube video for the game, but it was enclosed as to not annoy shop owners. There are no blinking LEDs used in the structure of the mall.

I do understand your concerns. I have family members that have epileptic and grand mal seizures. I do not believe the game has any lights or blocks that could induce a seizure.

I am almost certain that the computer screen and phone screens are brighter than the LED or gleam blocks in the game. The display can be toned down by: settings > display> brightness (and turn it down).

I believe you can see the LEDs in certain shops from a distance without getting too close and avoid those shops, if needed. If there were items in particular that you were searching for, I’d be happy to assist you in locating them.:slightly_smiling_face:


I will admit that it is more likely a personal aspect, in one or two I felt as if I was on a runway with the lights for planes to see in landing or taking off. I do know that LED lights, in real life can set off migraines, learned that the hard way. Had to get rid of one I bought as a desk lamp. Read up on it and for some people it can be a trigger.
Going by memory, the room(s) that had them that I personally saw as a bit much was selling items I either can’t afford or would never use, at least not for a while.
I love the mall, it is great place to shop at. And when lost on another planet too far away for me to warp from I used a portal from a shop on that planet to get to the mall and was able to get home. I do highly recommend the mall.
Your mall, the NL Market and a couple of other shops I visit every two or three days. And spend my coins LOL.


Flashing lights can trigger seizures, although the highest risk is for lights with a frequency between 16 & 25Hz. The total trigger range may be as wide as 3Hz to 60Hz.

LEDs in boundless dont flash fast enough to trigger epilepsy, but the screen refresh rate in itself might be able to in a small population. For these people however, any bright light at refresh rate would be bad, so technically gleam could be worse than LEDs in boundless.

As for the use of LEDs, its down to personal preference; I’m also a less is more kinda guy there :hugs:

  • I am currently updating the walkways in the mall…giving them street names since I feel that it has out-grown directional names (N, E, S, W).
  • I will then finish color-coding the streets with LEDs.
  • I am also going to add mall short-cut portals in a couple of areas.
  • The new portal travel center in front of the Guild hall will be open soon(it will be self-serve).
  • I’ve started marking forge shops with a red hammer + gold sign plate:

Here is a preview of the new mall map(it’s not complete so please bear with me):

And a huge thank you to Ark from Ark’n’Art Company for creating some awesome badges for us:



This looks like a real mall layout lol. Good job to you and everyone thats part of it :hushed:


The Ark’n’Art Company looks forward to the expansions, as they’ve encouraged an expansion in our store in the Mall as well!


For funsies…here’s the first/original map. I didn’t know if anyone would set up lol


I think it is going to be great and a fun place to shop and visit. Was there today and spent around 500c. For some it may not have been much, but for me it was a moment of do I need it or not. yeah, I need it.
Two days ago I spent 3000c. That was a splurge that I am hoping I won’t regret. Keep this up and I will be broke soon LOL.


I’m glad to see you haven’t given up yet, Janna! The Mall is an excellent place to spend all your hard-earned coin, and I hope to see you in Ark’n’Art’s some time! :slight_smile:


I won’t give up on the game. I think it is a great game and well worth playing. I just think things need to be changed to make it a fantastic game and that more attention needs to be given to the causal new players. I’m at level 42 now, I can survive fine.
The new players, casual ones, they are the ones that need help and need incentives to be kept playing.
I won’t be posting much here, a response here and there, give some tips, guidance, support.

But in discussions, I’ve had it with a few here. So I won’t get involved in those anymore.
As for Ark’n’Art’s, will stop by tomorrow, have to do some work on a shop, going to create one of my own of some small, simple items for a bit of coin to spend in other shops, LOL


I’m in the process of setting up shop at 200 E Avenue C.
I plan on selling some forged items, forge ingredients and some common items I see in most request baskets.

I hadn’t been interested in being a shopkeeper until recently so stop by now and then to watch my shop grow as I learn and improve the decor!

Spoiler alert: it’s a big grey box with shop stands and a few gem torches right now. Lots of work to be done


@majorvex hard at work on the Gyosha Mall!


The mall reminds me of the old Timex commercials, it keeps ticking and ticking and ticking and . . .
The Mall keeps growing and growing and growing and . . .

One of the things that I think is interesting to see is all the different styles, some have stands in the floor, some on the wall, some will put one or two in the middle to give a sort of mystery, some look as if you are outdoors. And one makes me a bit queasy, not because it is bad, but the flashing lights that make me feel as if I am driving in a tunnel and all the lights are going by so fast.

Where some are building on top and some under their shop is also interesting. A shop close to me has put one o the top with their portal, which will allow them easy access to their supplies and machines.
Definitely worth checking out if you haven’t been there yet.


Had first visit here today and really enjoyed seeing how people had used their shop spaces; having to stand out while using the same plot size makes for some interesting solutions to grab your attention. Great fun!
Actually was quite taken with the whole kind of community effort so have taken a shop plot there myself (hasn’t got name up yet, but beacon is Lake, behind the enormous QR code).


Thank you, we are glad to have you :slight_smile: :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ll update your sign when I can log on to the game this evening. Feel free to PM me the name of your shop & the color font you’d like, or you can place a sign in your shop for me to copy. :+1:


Mall map updated. Larger version in 1st post.

  • Will have a contest soon. More details later…

  • Will update the google data file & address plates asap.

  • Will add more shop spaces & roads soon.


You might want to take out where you have the name of a store twice, The Making of Greatness is on 57 and 95.
Easy to forget to change in all that is going on. You have done a great job in the mall. I am very impressed at what you have accomplished and glad to be a part of its growth.


:+1: ten chars


Shops of the Week Contest:
(gonna try something new)

Vote on your 3 favorite Gyosha Mall shops.

Visit https://gyoshamall.wordpress.com/ to cast your vote.

The top three shops with the most votes will receive:
1st place: 3x3 AOE Emerald Hammer by Skylight forging, 3x3 Diamond Hammer & Forged Wayfarer’s Totem by the FinataPawnShop.
2nd place: Sapphire slingbow
3rd place: A set of all 6 workbench machines (complete set x4 per each machine)

Also: I will make a Youtube walk-thru video of each shop, post it on the Mega Thread, BL Discord & Twitter.

  • Please submit your vote via the Mall’s blog https://gyoshamall.wordpress.com/.
  • One vote per IP.
  • You can vote for your own store.
  • You don’t have to have a shop in the mall to vote.
  • Winner will be announced via the Gyosha Mall Mega Thread on Sunday, January 13th, in the afternoon (12pm-5pm CST).

Thank you to several members of the Mall that sent me suggestions & ideas for this. Let’s see how it goes :+1::wink:

The prize stands are located in the center of the mall, on the Boundless logo. (The top prize is currently cooking).


place looks great!
Keep up the good work