🔆 Gyosha Mall + Gyosha Syndicate Guild Mega Thread


Just got a donation of an AOE 3x3 hammer & 1 offhand wayfarer totem max light/auto loot that will go to the 1st place winner of the contest. Will update with details on the donor + new items tomorrow.

It’s after midnight here so I’m going to log off…ya’ll have a great evening :blush::sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:


Have voted via the form.
Chose ocean rose and mom and pops for their looks and crimson lotus because they have coils cheaper than even me :slight_smile:
and shame on anyone voting for themselves :kissing_heart:


Just rec’d a 3x3 diamond hammer & a really cool forged wayfarer’s totem from the Finata Pawn shop for the contest.

Don’t forget to cast your vote before Sunday: https://gyoshamall.wordpress.com/


The hammer and pie icons outside shops is really helpful, can these player’s choice shops be highlighted with another icon like a refined gold block?

Also I think it would be cool if the shops all standardized on a way to list their last restock date. Seeing a fresh restock date will always draw me into a store to see the latest prices.


:+1: Planning on placing a gold plaque on the front of the winning shops (ie: 1st Place, 1/13/2019)


Gold silver copper plaques?


Less than 3 hours until voting is closed. Get your vote in before 12pm CST today :+1:

Lots of votes so far :+1:


Voting is now closed. I’ll count the votes & post the results asap…


Thank you everyone for taking the time to vote! A big congrats to the winners! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::trophy::trophy::trophy:

The results are in:

  • 1st Ark ‘N’ Arts --Suvari
  • 2nd Baker Street — Dunford
  • 3rd(tie) Crimson Lotus — LuckyLotus
  • 3rd(tie) Bricka Brack — Conkuur
    Winners, please meet with me, at your convenience to receive your prize(s)…(using the character that matches your beacon).

*As stated, duplicate votes from the same accounts/IPs did not count & were removed.


Congrats to: Ark ‘N’ Art’s, Baker Street, Bricka Brack, and Crimson Lotus! :grin: :confetti_ball::tada:


Thank you, everyone! In celebration, I am preparing to lower prices across the store for the rest of the day!


The new YT video of the contest winners is live:


Merchants & anyone wishing to join the Mall’s guild:

  • Please go to the Gyosha Mall on Gyosha Ophin.
  • In the Mall’s hub, there is a portal to the Guild building, which houses the Guild Control Book.
  • Click on the book to join the guild (The Gyosha Syndicate).
    You can then align & add any beacons that you’d like to (including shop beacons, office/workshop beacons…even beacons on a different planet can be added).


I hope some of you will find this video helpful. This process works with any guild, not just TGS/mall.

Two main things to join a guild: 1. You have to access the Guild Control Book to join a guild. 2. Whether or not you are accepted into the guild depends upon: whether or not that guild has hit their maximum # of members, whether or not they have auto-join enabled, and if they accept/decline you.


Just opened a shop in the Gyosha Mall called Smoke & Mirrors! Nothing special but I will be selling random things each week. Might be basic stuff the new people want, might be higher end stuff, might be materials that are currently in a little bit of demand.

Such as the 900 Ancient Vital Essence in there now.

Thanks to @majorvex for the location. Great mall only getting better!


Good luck with your shop. Will stop by and check it out. Mine is The Making of Greatness, don’t know how close we are to each other but will look you up to see what you have and I might want/need


Same here! I try to make it a point to cruise the loop at least once a week and check out the stores. Everyone has such interesting designs to their stores it’s actually fun! Plus new ones are popping up all the time!


Thanks for changing my shop sign so quickly!


I just activated the Defeat Insurance Helix buff for [TGS] The Gyosha Syndicate guild. I will wait to activate the next one until after the update this coming week.


What is that, what does it do? I haven’t yet looked at any of that, been to busy with other things so have no idea of what we can get from the guilds we join.