🔆 Gyosha Mall + Gyosha Syndicate Guild Mega Thread


Defeat insurance 3 reduces death penalty by 50%

There’s also the builder buff that reduces chisel wear and increases block placement speed
Lava buff that, at level 3, reduces lava damage by 75%
And the grapple/run helix, that at level 3 increases grapple range by 25m and increases movement speed


Map Updated, portals in the center of the mall, new shop spaces/roads

Map updated:

New portals added to the portal hub in the center of the mall! Quark on Angel, Cephonix Merika, & The Crypt Hub in Finata (has numerous great portals within).

:shopping::shopping::shopping::shopping_cart::shopping_cart::shopping_cart: New shop spaces & road added to the far north side. (Next shop spaces will be added by the Guild).

Also, Boundless did a quick tweet about the mall :heart:

There are some cool & interesting builds out in the free-build area (I have been sworn to secrecy about a couple of them)

And some aerial views of the mall/city:


Wow that is a large map :laughing:
:open_mouth: That’s awesome!
I really really really like the pics of the city, everyone’s large shiny/glowing builds :grin:


Its just unfortunate that she just happened to catch Ark’n’Art’s in the midst of a remodeling project!! :stuck_out_tongue:


lol I will get more pics soon :grin: LOVE seeing the new blocks and designs :star_struck:


That.is.BEAUTIFUL!! I mean, it looks nice on ground level running around in there, but seeing it from the top down, makes it artful.

Keep up the awesome work you guys!!!


Should go without saying but nevertheless…
Quite an accomplishment organising all this…major gz, @majorvex…great job!


Cool, my slide made the tweet! Well, as a cluster photo but still… and The Coin Forge, I really need to re-open.


New mine on Till: Access via TGS Hub in the center of the mall.


One of our Oortizens has put a lot of work into creating a snowball PVP area & Fun area: “Oortnite”. Complete with loot lake, tilted towers, pinata llama, storm & battle bus :bus:

If you feel the need to 1v1, or just wanna check it out, come on over :slight_smile: Entrance is via portal in the Mall’s Travel Center:


Haha that is pretty cool! Excellent job to whoever built that up!


New public mud farm added today. If you go just S.E. of the farm, there is a ton of clay soil.
Portal is in the TGS Hub in the center of the mall.


Ill join for sure. I drop my beacon coins towards the guild too.


Thanks to a member of the mall, a Sand & Olivine farm has been added:

100% safe & enclosed. Located in Gyosha City, behind the sky high slide. Portal in the TGS Hub coming soon.



Hi James :smiley:
We see you :wink:


spotted a few days back…a popular place for devs to hang about in :stuck_out_tongue:


I noticed you numbered the shops but still could not find a number I was given is there a number plan? Also a wall off numbers
And subtekst off wat they sell think your layout is perfect but maybe could use some tweaks to find ya way around maybe a starting point with info walls since I pass more often now I still don’t know where starting point is is one offtwo hubs our center off mall portal :thinking:y


Working on getting things color coded & signs up :+1:


color coded nice

i used colorcoding on my last hub i was making in beta
also asscii art symbols etc thought i post this can give some inspiration :smile:
ow if ya wonder what bunny points are thats just defualt if there is unused signspots


Gyosha Mall was strategically built for all the attention to be on the shops, not the mall structure itself. :wink: It’s utilitarian. :hammer_and_wrench: