🔆 Gyosha Mall + Gyosha Syndicate Guild Mega Thread


Pre 2019 to early 2019 era lmao


Hey guys…I’ll get in-game as soon as I can. Sorry for the portal situation.

Just got everything out of the uhaul truck today…got internet…PC still not set up tho. I have no fridge and no stove yet. Lots to do. I think I mentioned (on discord?) that it might take me most of March to get moved and all set up. I know that’s a really long time for someone to be M.I.A. from a game.

I had to update a few things in the house b4 I could move in (electrical box wasn’t up to code, it had smelly old carpet, etc)


Make your home a cosy home first Majorvex. Boundless isn’t going anywhere. goodluck


If you need a plumber. Just give me a call :—D


Vex has returned! Nice to see you again.
Hope all is going well.


Just refueled some of the portals :grin:


ty :blush::+1:


If need shards once you are back let me know can help with some.


You’re a plumber? Concrete guy here!


I got papers but im atm upholstering sofas. :d


Whoever was keeping the portal in the crypt up failed to maintain it :slight_smile: So there’s an opportunity for FF if a Gyosha shop owner wants to grab a crypt portal linking this epic mall!


MajorVex…been trying to reach you via direct message in Discord

-General Shogun#5478


Major is still moving into her new place, she has left updates.
Maybe she doesn’t have her computer set up yet…don’t know…?


I need a little more time everyone…lots of things to do still. Waiting on the electrician to install a dedicated outlet for my CPU. @Salvatory I think Ark had a portal in his shop to the Crypt. I haven’t been able to check on that or anything yet. If I could give Gray perms to dole out shop plots, I would :thinking: Gotta think of someway to repay her for all the work she’s done to maintain the mall.


Me: sees the desk and cpu rig but focuses in on the beautiful chair.


I am in the mall right now, releasing plots - if anyone is interested. Getting moved & set up is taking me way longer than I expected…I feel really bad about the delay so I’m just releasing plots for everyone :running_woman::running_man::running_woman:


Holding a giveaway in the Gyosha Mall discord! It ends in 24minutes!


The Giveaway has ended! Congratulations to the winners! :smile::tada::sparkles::confetti_ball:


Starting to upgrade the mall. Going on a live walk-through of the mall now. Looking for an item? Check out the Gyosha Mall Shopping Network:


I’ll continue streaming in a sec…gonna take a 10 min break real quick :slightly_smiling_face: