🛍 Gyosha Mall + [TGS] + Gyosha City Mega Thread + Emoji Gallery

Getting ready to log in if anyone needs help anything :blush:
Gonna start with a few sign & portal requests, then go from there.

PMs and whispers in chat usually go wonky for me - shouting or talking usually works ok.

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Stocked your shops? We are going to be re-setting the 7 day temp/featured portals soon :wink:


:camera_flash: Screenshot Sunday…Here are a few shops and some great items:
(address plates are in the pics or coordinates for the ones without addresses yet)


Thanks for the publicity ! I really like the look of the Hanging Gardens shop. I should steal their palette and make something pretty with it :slight_smile: Maybe a temple ?

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I know right? I was running across a planet and came across their town one day - I’d never seen it or heard of it before. The whole place is like a beautiful garden. Really nice owner too.

Their store matches their town :heart_eyes:

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:orange_circle: New 7 day portals added

:orange_circle: Mall entrance sign updated:

:orange_circle: Village on the North West side of the mall = updated and plots being opened for any purpose (shops, workshops, homes, etc)

:orange_circle: Skylight Forging is back from a break - has mid & high tier forged goods



I hope everyone had a lovely weekend :hearts:
Here are this week’s 7-Day Portals.

Acid DRIP Shop

Solgato Cafe

Empire Store

Lucky Duck’s Quacking Good Deals

Teach N Treats

Paradise Getaway


Thank you Gray for doing it this week :kissing_heart:

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I’d like to make a complaint…found some vermin in my shops basement (had already just killed 2)…can you call pest control please


:smiley: This week’s 7 days are:

Bean Store - Glands, mantles, and brews
The Outback Shack - Assorted timber, and bricks
Kryonik Ranch - Tools, minerals, bark, blocks, essence
Stone - Assorted refined rocks, and stones
Krylon - Assorted paints, and Gleambow items
Serenity’s Forge - Forged gem tools (hammers, grapples, spanners)

(By assorted, I mean different colors)


Just hit up krylon for some paints van goo didn’t have! I only need 1 of each as I am just painting signs for my color storage I can’t make yet. :slight_smile: Thanks! Only had 2 so far I couldn’t get green and deep green

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I have a lot of stock on my character that I haven’t put out just yet…I’ll try to get those on the stands tonight or tomorrow :blush:

Ok! I’m making my way around my color storage to see what I need yet :slight_smile: I’ll be back :slight_smile:

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Powerman is building us an awesome new, larger portal hub :open_mouth::grin: (original hub will stay as it is)
We’ll soon have portal space for everyone that would like one.
Will update info when it’s complete.


The map is very well done. Congratulations.


Ooff, pretty colors. Awesome. Cant wait to see it.


Thank you to everyone that built our new central hub! It looks :heart_eyes: amazing & it’s now open! Very fresh & modern :sunglasses:
:star::star::star::point_right:Powerman, CanadianEh @Steve , & Dupix :point_left::star::star::star:

We now have lots of great space for everyone’s portals (portal sizes can be changed). Connections to Merika, Delta, Ultima, & Alder in this hub so far :blush:


Go team go!

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