🚦 Gyosha Mall + [TGS] Mega Thread - 4 New 7-day Portals just opened today! =)


(Started a new thread because I guess the old one is locked - I can’t update/edit the main post anymore)

While the mall is being renovated (I know it’s frustrating), I’ve set up a little something in the center of the main hub. I’ve selected 4 active :shopping::shopping::shopping::shopping: shops & created temporary 7 day portals to them. After 7 days, I’ll move the portals to 4 different active shops, and so on.

  • If you aren’t familiar with the layout of the mall, or just don’t feel like running around, check out the 7 day portal shops :+1: (Feel free to check out the rest of the mall while you’re there.)

  • :newspaper: News: Something interesting is being built in a far corner. Some forgers have re-stocked today. Pest control came by this morning & cleared out the flying squids.

  • New players: Welcome to Boundless! You can access the mall from many locations: DK’s Tree (Eresho), [PS] Gyosha Ophin hub, Legendville Hub (Tana). Fireborn Hub (Alder), Iconic hub (Biitula), Duskmoor hub (Phem), Illuminaughty hub (Trior), TNT Mega hub (Circa), Quark hub (Angel), + more. If you have trouble finding us, send me a PM & I will come Taxi you here :taxi::taxi::taxi:


Easily my favorite mall in Boundless!


Oh sweet thats awesome! Ty!


awesome idea… also helps the selected shops make some coin :slight_smile:


That’s exactly what I hope for them :+1:

I know the mall is kinda large now & until I’ve updated the navigation visually, I figured this might help. Plus it gives more access points to/from the hub for merchants & buyers.


:smiley: new thread :smiley:
That is a great idea Major! I’ll have to check out the temporary portal shops :grin:


You never cease to amaze me, you know that? Awesome job yet again!!!


Thank you for the portal. I just restocked some and added coin to my baskets.

                                TECHNOMANCERS GRAND OPENING 

Technomancers is now open in the southwest corner of the mall.

Technomancers Specializes in low price wayfarers totems both plain and forged.
In stock now we also have durability spanners, Change chisels, loot sticks, durability/range grapples and regen bombs.
We alo carry slash price unforged spanners and grapples.

Or just relax in the soft glow of starlight day or night.

I am also working on “the drowning maze” Named by my seven year old son who is quite looking forward to watching people drown in search of fame and glory.
More to come on this later but i do plan on making the maze reach mantel …one day.

also the first 22 customers might be entered in a drawing for the Plumbus X.

*contact plumbus HQ for details


I’ll test that plumbus out for quality control… er… for science… … …


Four new 7 day portals just opened up today! Lots of goodies…plants, drops, metal, coal, blocks, & even saw feathers in two shops. :relaxed:


Now that a lot of the mall is occupied, I am removing certain structures that were put in place originally to protect everyone from creatures. This will open the mall up more so shoppers can see more of your stores. This also means that I will be using foliage or glass to block off future road areas & vacant/available shop spaces - so that creatures can’t get it. If you’d like the glass/sign/gleam/pillars removed from your shop, lemme know & I’ll remove that for you.

I’ve added a real estate channel to the mall’s discord. If you have an available space for free/trade…feel free to post screenshots & dimensions on it. Note: If the space is open or was a regen, I will be blocking it off to protect everyone in the mall. Make sure you’ve listed it somewhere, put up a sign with how someone can contact you, or placed a mail box. https://discord.gg/Zmm7z6

Side note: I’ve been super-slowly putting together a little sister-mall on Norky. I figured it will be a good place for reaching T7-T8s, high tier farming, etc. I have portals to it via PS Norky & Ultima Norky Gate. It’s theme is bright, tropical, underwater, etc. I’m encouraging shops/homes here to be unique in their shape/design (but not a requirement). Norky has a really nice color palette, nice large trees, beautiful gleam & tropical islands.


when can we move into norky mall :slight_smile: @majorvex


Anytime :grin: :+1:


is there traffic already happening there?


I’ve been getting some FF everyday…not sure if it’s due to the two portals or just people passing by & stopping in. It will probably have much less traffic than a lower tier mall due to the skill points needed & creatures.


will come take a peek and take a shop :stuck_out_tongue:


There’s no real rules or anything…take whatever shape/size/place you’d like. I’ll even customize the road color in front of your shop, if you’d like :blush: I’ll try to get back online tonight.


Hey @Majorvex! I was wondering if you was free to fix a portal up for us? Thanks


@majorvex i secured a 2 wide spot in crisp teal block will box out the lot so you can remove the glass later on :slight_smile:

PS… so far its looking good… i like it