Half Block Angled (creates a triangle)

I know there are many things we can do with chisels but I noticed that one thing wasn’t there and I am not sure if it was a technical reason that it cannot happen. So I figure I would put up a suggestion and maybe it can be added.

We have half blocks but there is no way to hit it and create an angle in it. So basically we could have a railing of half blocks beside stairs and then hit the side to have it angle down. To do this we can’t use half blocks but instead must use full blocks. Which is ok but not as nice looking for a railing because it is so thick.

Was there any way to make a angled half block? Maybe we could have a floor piece too like that. Basically I guess they are half block triangles…

If you’re talking about having 22.5 degree angled slopes etc, instead of the current 45 degree ones, then I very much doubt that will ever happen, the amount of possible shapes is ridiculously huge if you include different angled cuts, and the time it would take to implement would be astronomical.

What you can do, with the bevel chisel types, is create a slope block that occupies just 1 quarter of the entire block, but it will still be a 45 degree angle.


@Xaldafax over in a weekly dev update is a picture of all the block shapes :slight_smile:
Hope this helps, if you hadn’t seen it before :slight_smile:

I understand what you mean, and all the calculations, but could we have specifically 22.5 degrees block, and 22.5 on top of horizontal slab (as one shape) block without adding all other shapes that could be combined from that? Maybe make it ultra costly like needing diamond chisel or something.


I’m hoping for the awning props to fill the purpose of these type of block, but I too would love to see this shape.

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Instead of a 22.5 degree slope, I understood this as asking for the normal 45 degree slope but half the thickness?

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Well wouldn’t that be achieved with the bevel tool?


Now that I re-read OP, it seems that you are right :nerd_face: