Halloween Items

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Hi all!
So, I didn’t do much with the birthday event but I really wanna get involved with the things from the halloween event. Could someone please provide details on how to make/get spiders and bats?
I’m gonna go gathering for spooky orbs soon but what else do I need to do to make the most of the event?

Harvest flowers while you’re gathering orbs as you’ll need them for the seeds to plant bats.

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You have to craft the spooky/creepy seeds in the refinery, and then plant them to grow the spiders/bats.

This is how I’ve got mine planted for max yield. The foliage is the trellis to plant on.


thank you so much folks! I’ll get gathering over the weekend!! :slight_smile:

OMG!! 200% I’m going to follow your design!

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Giving away Halloween stuff in 45m on DK.

I have:

  • 45 Skulls
  • 45 Cauldrons
  • 20 Jack-o-Lanterns
  • 45 Oorty The Oortlings
  • 25 Spooky Seeds
  • 25 Creepy Seeds

One per person.

I know it’s not much, but it’s all I can manage … I’m still new here, but I won big at the marathon, so, bought some orbs.

I’m right through shortcut portal 1 in the mall.
I’ll also put some YAMs for sale at 666c if it helps find the stall.


Where you at dude can I come steal something? xD

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DK Mall … Look for earthy yams … I’ll be the one selling at 666c