Halp! I need a coal/ore farm!

There used to be this farm, that was just a wall, or floor of minables as far as the eye could see. you could just go there, mine wat you see or need as you run along, and the world would regen it later naturally.

anyone know of such a farm?

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@Alienfish you the one with the McRib diamond/Coal farm?

well, thx to your McRib tip there, it gave me a place to look. I found the “Nothing Box”, a good farm to be sure, but not ‘exactly’ what i was looking for.

BUT, still burned a whole gem hammer on coal/iron/titanium, so worth! thx!!

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Have you tried Paka’s Place off of Acylon?

@bucfanpaka @Redlotus I am sure I butchered the planet name :stuck_out_tongue:


Alcyon … pretty close to Alcohol yum.

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You mispelled Rum…are you sure you intented “yum” :stuck_out_tongue:

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@bucfanpaka ‘s palace is pretty much 75% of how I’ve gotten some of the mining feats completed, very grateful for Paka’s Palace and it’s a great mining spot for ores

There are mines on many planets, but there is one that sounds kind of like what you’re talking about. There is a diamond mine on Serpensarindi I think and it has tons of levels/layers and it’s good for mining hard coal even though its primary purpose is diamond mining. It has lots of levels up and down that are numbered and long hallways so you can see a cross section and oftentimes you can see lots of materials just walking the hallways. Might be worth checking out? I can’t remember the name but I think it’s accessible from the TNT Serp hub


that sounds like it! will take a lookie see, thx!

I have a planet off of Shedu Teir that has a hard coal mine. Tons of it there. Planet name is Tarlin and the portal to it is in TNT’s Shedu hub.


That was the one!!! Thank you somuch!!! Was “Diamond Club” off of Serp.

Will Check out Paka’s too. rave reviews and all seems like a winner!

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