Happy Sunday! (Was Saturdays post)

Happy Saturday to all of you insanely wonderful individuals!!! .

What are your in game plans for over the weekend?

I’ll be zooming around like normal trying to do a hundred things at once but only getting a few of them done. Then logging back on later and thinking to myself, “okay, what the heck was I doing again? I better check my machines, that’ll help me remember where I left off.” Hahaha


Hahaha so true. Can’t play until tomorrow but working on a big shrine design. Can’t wait to get back in game.

Did my first public metior run last night. Was so fun!


Been at work since 4:30am but in 30 mins, my happy Saturday will start, aided by some tasty food and g&t


If an exo appears, that, otherwise mostly the usual collecting and trade, maybe a bit more hunting, and perhaps do a bit with a new build I have in mind. :slight_smile:


I’m currently working, very slowly, on a hub/hunt meeting place. Marble grind for the win!


start of a new work shop…the first floor.

gonna take a while, even with speed aoe hammers

edit: meant to add to my previous post but instead talking to myself…been a long day.


Love the lighting in that place! Simple, yet sleek.


Its oddly comforting to know that I am not the only one that has to balance this Boundless existence with a full-time job and family. This is the way of the future though. Managing your virtual life with your physical one. The struggle is real tho because that virtual life is LIT UP!


Yeah, I really like the natural lighting affect.
There were some lovely deep caverns in a couple of recent exo worlds, with great shafts of light shining down…want to try and emulate that a little (using gleam as well but trying to be subtle).

Finished excavating a lower level now…might need a little break now :slight_smile:


It’s a fantastic Saturday on the West Coast. Got a lot of errands done this morning. Washed the truck. Cleaned up the dining and game rooms from entertaining company last night (home made nachos and vodka is always a smashing hit). Watched some baby robins falling out of their nests out back as they learn to fly, really an amazing thing to watch. Had some deer cross through the front yard, across the road, and back to the other side of the state park trail.

The west coast is simply an amazing place to live. So much access to large city life and nature at the same time. Now the clouds are moving in, kids are done doing chores and doing their own thing and I’ve got time to play the game for a decent chunk for the first time in a while without it having to be 10-15 spurts. Should be a fun one.

Always want to say thanks to @james for keeping tabs on the community and forum, as always, over the weekend.

@creegle I’d say there are a healthy dose of us who juggle kids and their sports and academics, work and errands, spending time with their spouses/partners and still sneaking in time to enjoy this fun piece of software entertainment. You’re certainly not alone :+1:t2:


I’m multi-tasking today, so doing several things very slowly lol. Gathering oort, crafting things for the mall, working on a new project, wondering if naders are getting ready to fly by my home…

No naders spotted…carry on…


The west coast is amazing most of the time.

Dreading the summer a bit though hardly any rain in the PNW this year.


I’m glad you asked! I plan to complete what I set out to do early in the week. Get enough diamonds to bulk craft my first sets of workbench power coils! For the 100 hours challenge!

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Art and I are on that weather map of yours… We had a nice little storm earlier, waiting on the next line to cross over us. :slightly_smiling_face:

Working on our new Ark’n’Art’s HQ today!


I spent nearly 40 years in the South. Been through 12 hurricanes, countless other tropical systems, freak tornado spawns, 100% humidity on days with a dry temp of 103F and a realfeel of 128F with no breeze at all. You just walk outside to the truck for 30 seconds and come back in looking like you took a shower.

The PNW is heaven, dry spells, forest fires, and snow fall included. We love the weather trade. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s a wee bit chillier here in the Midwest, but the robins are still happy and very active in this!

This guy, however, is confused and angry. I had to plug back in his heating pad and water dish! XD


I am about to get elbow deep in rolling some sushi :rice_ball:

@MysticPandora, are you North of Illinois? I am in the Midwest myself and it is warm here!

Decent day here in the NC mountains, at least compared to all the rainy weekends lately! I did see a meteorologist I follow mention the potential for really severe storms out in TX and OK, hope you all out that way stay safe!

Pretty nice climate here overall, rainy pattern the last year aside, snow is just rare enough that we
look forward to it, and we’re more mild than the rest of the SE in the summer. Ton of wildlife, waiting for one grey fox here to come back out, trying to get some pics, they always make for good photos. Strange thing is though, worry about hurricane season here just as much as I did when living in FL, since remnants of storms can come up and flood us pretty badly.

Sushi!! That’s something I need to pick up one day. I can make fine spring rolls, though. Family eats them as fast as I make them! Vultures, I tell ya, just sitting, watching, waiting. Then snatch it up not even a second later when I set the done one aside.

North of Illinois, yes. North Dakota, precisely. Just west enough to get what comes off the Rocky Mountains without being too severe.
All weekend is supposed to be like this. It was 82*F… Wednesday I think. Now it’s just above freezing.

Definitely makes for some hardy ppl with such extreme temp changes. (thumps chest) :triumph:


Shabbat Shalom

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