Has anyone made a list of all colors that are only available through Gleambow Meteors?


A sheet that can be used for reference??


Try to change your character’s colour, there you see the names of all possible colours in the game and us thus your list!


I mean the colors that are available only from the gleambow meteors.


I’ve corrected the topic title to be a little more specific. I apologize for any confusion.


Combined between a few of us, I have seen over 75 colors so far.

Edit: Just gleam, I would guess 150+ if you count wood/sponge/Ash/Sand


Since the gleam contained in the meteors can be any colour the game supports the names of all possible 256 colours are thus listed in your character’s customisation screen…

Oh And you didn’t confuse me! Knew exactly what you meant and I gave the correct answer.

The colours are chosen randomly from the 256 possible colours so they eventually should all show up…


I’m talking about so we can separate normal colors from colors only received through the Gleambow Meteor event.


I have got a few colors from the meteors that are actually in the game, especially rocks. But just in a different type.


it’s 255 colors since the 0 is default color from the planet.


@ReebanRuben is asking for a list of the colors that weren’t in the game before the Gleambow event.


What I mean is, for example, Black Gleam. This color is not normally found and is, currently, only available through the Gleambow Event.

Is there a list of all the block colors that are only available through the gleambow event?


Yes, and no.

The list of all block colours that can be available are known, it’s the list I pointed out to you earlier. It’s random as far as I know so ALL those colours can drop from one of these meteorites.

What you want is a list of the colours people so far have encountered, am sure this is already 100+ by now. I think I have 80 or more new gleam colours alone and then all the gravel, sponge, soil, wood colours of which many are different from the gleam ones.

Therefor I am trying to tell you that making such a list is going to be a bit futile since the next meteor can have other colours that weren’t listed yet and since we know that the total number of colours is 255 (apparently not 256, hehe) we then also know that in 2 weeks time most if not all of those 255 possible colours have actually been found by players!


You’ll even get ones that are naturally occurring to the game during this event. I got white gleam while on shedu. But if you just look at the colors of gleam that were available before this event you’ll see that the other 200+ colors are now going to be randomly placed with the meteors. So it’s far easier to say what was available before than it is to say what’s dropping from this.


After reading thought the replies, I figured that the answer to my original question is “no”.


Well no sheet has been made but it wouldn’t be too hard to make one I suppose. You’d just have to type every color down. So really there’s no point of making one. I mean I can try n do it tomorrow after work if it’s really that important and try to get people to give me a confirmation of it being there. But again all the colors are a possibility.


That would be a step towards a helpful reference for the possible question of “Why can’t I find this color block, anywhere?”

Until new planets make them available.


Indeed, the answer is no. But it’s also very unnecassary to want to make such a list hence why no one did it.

You want a list of ALL block colours that can be avalaible right now thru the GB event that were NOT available before.

Easy! Write down the list of the game’s ALL possible 255 colours.

Then grab the colour sheet of available planet block colours and scratch out any colour name that is already on that list.

The list that remains is the list you want.


If it’s not in the Google Sheets colour sheet it was acquired thru another source, for instance this event, or soon exo planets…


Eh I don’t quite agree with that. Since there’s a sheet that says what color blocks spawn on what worlds. Which means if you find one not on that list it means it doesn’t exist on the known worlds for normal gathering.


The before mentioned google sheet of all available colours as of now.