Has anyone played with a full tank build

Has anyone played with a full tank build? eg; full resistance, brew, and buff bomb.

How well can it tank a T6 meteor mob? Do the stats fully stack?

How well can it do in a 2 man setup where one is full tank and the other is your typical slingbow build with damage?


I Solo T7 but my build isn’t a full tank build lol my build is based off dodging a soaking cuddles attacks :laughing:

But I’m also looking at different builds that uses rage and focus brews so I’m curios too on a full tank build


I find role diversity in this game to be abysmal. Tanks don’t really exist in this game, at best you are just a “Blue DPS” if you try to do “Full tank build”

The only thing somewhat useful I have personally found with Tank stats is to mix it with healing to make a “Blue Healer” as adding durability to your healer makes some sense so they are less likely to die. but even that feels pretty pointless to be frank.

Tank, DPS, Healer, Blue, Red, Green. it’s all pretty much the same from my point of view. and without a massive rework of the combat skill tree, I don’t really see this problem changing.

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I tried a rage brew build recently and with the armor/resist epic its not necessary. The rage brew 2nd effect (aoe) only does about 20k and is on a min of 1:20 cooldown so you can tank the world but you do no damage. With a slight tweak you can solo meteors with slingbow damage but the effectiveness of the build drops off in group play. I attempted the tank spec with the AoE epic and aggression brews during a hunt yesterday and with so many people firing you can’t hold aggro even if you take the aggro epic too. If you’ve got some cleanse point or page resets I’d say give it a try because it’s super fun to watch T6 elites tickle you but I think it is a system that needs revisited by the Monumental crew.

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Boundless Combat Primer:

  • Tank up
  • Gear up
  • Join Group
  • Everybody bounces around like ping-pong ba l l s for two hours
  • Grab Loot
  • Go Home

I follow these threads but honestly, I’ve never made any more sense of it than that. Hats off to the folks that regularly solo T6/T7 though, obviously there’s more to it than I’m getting :rofl:

It does feel like there are a lot of options, but unless you’re out solo, none of them make a lot of difference.

For sure. As it is it’s a nice system for the sandbox/artistic type players - they don’t have to do a ton and they can get some of the nice loot. TBH I like that part of it. But for the more RPG interested and anyone who’s come to the sandbox specifically to check out the combat, it seems pretty lacking.

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I feel like the foundational roles are there (tank, dps, range, healer). But they need to overhaul or add in more PVE content to make some of these roles more viable and to make PVE more interesting.


  • Instanced dungeons limited to 4 people forcing you to specialize and work as a team
  • More NPCs with a variety of attacks forcing some level of innovation and gameplay

As it stands now, we’re just blobbing and fighting from range on the meteor hunts.

Maybe a tank healer. And then drink innocuous brew just to avoid being targeted?

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I inocuous brew for T7 it’s not common but sometimes work I put avergating attacks brew on me when I solo but if I catch myself took much dmg and need a couple seconds to heal I use the innocuous brews what you saying could work as a tank healer

I’ve gone as a tank build into meteors, the issue I’ve found is on the healing side, even if the group has a few people throwing healing bombs they only work if their target is stationary… You can direct a lot of attacks to yourself, and can soak up a hefty amount of non wildstock damage, but those guys mean you have to move still, which means you can’t get healed properly, which means you’re basically a low damage dps instead of a tank…

If swords and shields ever get added the shields could help make tanks a more viable addition to a hunts, and if solo a specialized semi tank (off tank) build is useful (ie what cookie said :smiley: )

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I use to play full tank build when i 1st started hunted running around with a aggro bow and healing bombs only ever died really from wild stock knocking me into wall, was fun but doing damage is more fun atm

I really don’t

Tank? Poorly supported. Enmity/Threat generation is pretty poor in my experience.

Melee DPS? We don’t even have melee weapons yet, they been on testing for two years now and who knows if they will even be balanced well enough for them to be viable.

Ranged DPS? Well supported. no problems there

Healer? Supported, I do think healing bombs is a crude way of doing healing, however that is besides the point at this time.

that is 2 out of the 4 roles you mention, that I think need a rework.

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I’ve only ever used a full tank build with no brews. Your one true enemy really is the terrain. You can tank Woodstock hits, though sometimes they can kill you in one hit and others they will punt you back and forth several times in a row and no damage occurs. Usually the hits from a t6 wild stock are the ones that could hurt you. However, I’ve been smoked by level threes just because of the terrain I ran into. I use charge shot with a shotgun bow tuned for max damage and occasionally speed 5 brews depending on mob count. You can spread a decently actioned and well forged shotgun bow over a pretty wide area very rapidly. Now it’s not like a super concentrated dps machine but you can cut down a lot of smaller mobs quickly and simultaneous. The major reasoning is you do aggro them off other players who are dps built glass cannons. Charge shot comes in handy a lot when you need to kill a bigger mob. Often landing a 30-40k hit on something point blank, you can absolutely drop a t6 spitter in one charged hit or hit a t6 Woodstock from orange to green health. Dps for the built really comes down to the equipment to cover for the lack of skills assigned.