Has the Worldbuilder got some love yet?

Hey guys,

Since I’ve had issues with the WB on Windows (Problem at the end of this Thread) I’ve been wondering if it got fixed yet. It’s been like 2 1/2 months from now on and I still have some Games in my Steam libaries I could give away so I’d like to re-create the WBC #2.

It might be that you already fixed it and I didn’t noticed it, thats whjy I’m asking.
And If you forgott it, I’m reminding you to fix it please. :stuck_out_tongue:

@lucadeltodecso, @ben


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Wish I had some money to buy the world builder, it looks really cool from all of the cool worlds in that last competition.

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uhm @lucadeltodecso, @ben, how’s the status? :confused:

If I remember correctly - we couldn’t reproduce the tree issue on Linux. So it suggests some strange compiler exposing issue. We’d need to investigate in more detail.

I don’t believe any significant features have been added recently. So you’ve got access to the latest version.

We do have a long list of features and changes we do need to add before the World Builder supports everything that is (and will be) possible in the engine.


Okay, soo… these games will have to wait until they find an Steam account that will add them ^^

Sorry - you’ve lost me. Not sure what you’re saying.

I was talking about the Games I have in my Steam inventory, I’m up to give away as price of an World Builder Contest (WBC). :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry - durrr - I get it now. Didn’t realise the comment related back to your OP.

@lucadeltodecso anything new in the World Builder recently?

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No problem :stuck_out_tongue:

The world builder hasn’t received any love unfortunately :hankey: The issues aren’t forgotten though