Have chests show the most common item they hold

There’s a mod for Minecraft that adds storage barrels, which, in turn, can be toggled to display the item they hold as a texture on the front.

What if each chest had that option, but as a toggle that could be set up in the same way request baskets are?
Place the item into the slot to lock it to that display. It’d be able to sit there as a 2D texture, which would still be three models less than a shelf.


Gosh, I need to pay more attention…

I had no idea there were now chests available


On testing, they are. Next update is when we’ll get them on live.

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O Nice!!!

Mine is pretty simple but well organized. Feel free to spy on my little crafting room.
Metal tools
Gem tools
Forged tools
Widgets (coils, benches, furniture, doors, signs, beams etc)
Refined stone
Wood and timber
Foliage gleam glass
Metal bars and alloys
Metal cubes
Gathered materials
Animal materials
Any other “cubes”
Food and brews
Quick-storage (to dump inventory if I don’t have time or the inclination to sort right then, and want to move)

Might be missing one more

Thank you thank you!! This is perfect!
And the quick storage is a must for me. It seems my entire storage area has become the ‘quick storage’ right now :laughing:

Ill be using this list! Though my foliage will have its own section :blush:


Might want a grass seed and plants section too
Yeah I’ll admit my quick storage has grown haha

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I have everything very well sorted!

Then I added a quick storage… Works well, until it’s full and add more, and more, and more and more and more, sigh… I need to sort…

hangs head


What about the ability to just label them ?? Like a small sign on them or something that doesn’t require we actually put a sign on it.

My personal preference is to keep the storage as is and not have it display what is in it. I think it can just make a room filled with the storage chests look more cluttered and could interfere with stacking or other ways of placing the storage chests.

For the places where I am using the chests as decoration, I would prefer not to have signs on them. I think it might take away from the design of the chest to rework all of them to include a sign.


You could also place a shelf at the side / sign that shows what items are in it ^^

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I would assume it would be like current signs… nothing shows until you actually type something. So the chest would look exactly like they do now…

Otherwise how do you plan to know what is in your chests?

I do think the OP has a valid point that some type of help to know what might be inside should be considered. I don’t know if it is really needed but certainly would like to see ideas.

If I am using them for storage, I am planning on having them under storage blocks for similar materials or I would use existing signs. If I am using them for decoration then I do not need to know what is inside of them or I will have to look.

So if the front of the chest is a sign that may or may not be filled in, I loose all the detail on the front of the storage. So they would not look how they look now unless they make a larger change and only have the sign cover the storage if you type in it.


My plan is to keep my storage blocks, but have 2 or 3 of the closed storage in the same cluster. That way I’ll know that the closed storage is just overflow of the items displayed in the blocks :slight_smile:

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I plan to colour code mine, think this will make it easier to keep a track of contents

Actually I wasn’t wanting any change to the asset or anything like a sign as part of it. Instead I was thinking that maybe the info screen that comes up when you look at the item and before you hit E to open would have the name of the chest. So the asset still stays clean but the info screen tells us. But, I’m not sure others like the idea or not.

I have my storage blocks arranged so I know where everything is. I have signs next to each set to let me know what’s in them.
With the new storage chests, I would do the same. Just put a sign next to each one, telling what’s in them.
Really not that hard.


I’m a more visually-reliant Autist, and I’d love if they actually made it possible to toggle a sign on the front.
Wouldnt need to show a “amount stored” counter, but that would absolutely be a huge quality of life thing for me, as well as probably more than a few others.

This mod for Minecraft is a godsend to people like me, because it’s easy to memorise and find heads and tails in from a glance, rather than having to look around 80 chests to find what I wanted.


Not exactly how I suggest it’d get to look, but more to get the general idea of what I mean across.

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Yeah I was thinking something pretty much like this

It could be an option just for those who want it

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Yeah, exactly. A toggle that adds a little display for it, where default could be off.
Would be far better resource-wise I’m sure, since it’s only one flat 2d model, and not a small 3d model.