Have gems and rare gleam will trade for iron


I need iron and lots of it!

we did a quick price analysis and found that a gems go for roughly the same price as 35 iron ore or 20.5 iron bars so i am willing to trade all the gems in the screen shot for iron in like quantities.
Also i have some rare gleam to trade although prices are less subjective. so i offer to trade 1 refined gleem/50 iron ore or best offer.


lets meet somewhere I can have a few hundred for you; u wanna catch on discord maybe?


i will be on in about 20 minutes :smile_cat:


im on a big hunt can be an hour before im done - i could possibly exchange some 600 raw and 400 smelted iron so roughly 35-40 diamonds


I’ve got some iron, happy to give/trade. I’ll jump on now and go to Moebius plaza.


i just have the topaz and emerald


Can also meet you to swap, got hundreds of iron and looking for gleam colours for one of my builds… can head to the plaza now?#


I have over 2k iron bars, happy to take any gems and gleam you have.


sure be there in a few minutes


With a group, where bouts so i can try find you?


if you guys wanna meet me at our nershrill hub I can display a few of the gleams


How to get there from Mobius plaza?


oh sorry I was busy hunting and didnt see your post


i will come get you


oh no the portals down :flushed: @the-moebius


hehe, anywhere else to meet? Omni shop etc…


on my way :smiley_cat:


if u still have some of the gems to trade when Im back from the hunt let me know


sure thing


Lol, you sound like Walder Frey