Have gems and rare gleam will trade for iron


Np, will catch another one :slight_smile:


still have those rare gleam to sell or trade for iron ?


sure but Iā€™m off for tonight


Jef :joy: I have like 10k of iron. Contact me later today


i reopen now actually i fueled everyone i own to the max forgot the network lol
sorry bout that


when u find time tell me


we could meet up in about 7 hours. same for you @Karokendo.


jeffro im getting metals keep some gleam on the side for me purple and orange is my thing sat 20 each oh and portal is fixed and fully stocked


cool will do


thanks thanks thanks


have those gleam ?


@VincentCha0s and @Karokendo we can all try and meet up tomorrow but other than you guys i am all out of stock


If you ever have any spare gems or gleam let me know! I can pay in coins or in any metal ores, bars, or refined if you prefer!