HDM t6 Hunts Update

Unfortunately, if you keep up with the planets it can be seen that our planet Hotdog Mountain will be gone in less than a day.

Due to the members of HDM experiencing a sudden tragic accident, we will not be able to continue our Saturday night hunts indefinitely.

We thank everyone that was there from Day 1 for helping us grow our hunts. We thank you for coming and enjoyed our time with everyone involved with them.

Thank you,

Dr. Phil


I don’t wish to ask what happened, nor did I partake in any hunts, but I thank you for the service nonetheless, and hope that things will improve for you all in time.


As well, not going to ask what happenend.
But if you or other guild members should find themselves ready to run other hunts, then the planet will survive somewhat longer than 11hours.

We all needs hunters to supply the gigantic needs to forgers ( & cough Portal Hub fuel…), but what more… we are 1 community… some edges here n there perhaps… but hi… hug

If Other Hunters Run Other hunts the Planet will survive?
What s the Need that the Planet survies?

I Don t understand this might be through thats Not my First language

Ah, nah was more the planet will be there. In case they should come around to start the hunting again.