Heal blocks?

I’ve seen the posts on crafting heal blocks, but the recipe provided doesn’t seem to work for me:

4 Timber
8 Stone Chunks
4 Gleam

Is there some ambiguity between ‘Stone’ and ‘Stone Chunk’ ? I have mined all sorts of things but never come across ‘Stone Chunk’.

Also - is there a way to ‘split’ a stack of items into smaller stacks if the recipe demands specific ratios? I’ve not seen a way to do that.


did you try mining granite and crafting that into stone chunks?

(4 granite for 1 stone chunk)
(4 stone for 1 stone chunk)

There is not a way to split a stack as it stands, but that is not necessary for crafting in Oort, aslong as you have ‘atleast’ the required amounts of exactly the right kind of materials, you can craft that item

There is a difference between twisted timber and ancient timber. I can’t remember which one makes it though, but try changing your timbers.

Mining stone will give you broken stone, which must be crafted back into stone and then stone chunks.
Granite drops as granite and can then be crafted into stone chunks.


What an awesome community here - several of you gave great replies quickly. :smile:

Thanks everyone. Looking forward to continuing my Oort adventures! I think this game has so much potential to become a very big deal in the online gaming industry.

Oh, and it’s heart-achingly beautiful. I’ve been just hanging out on random worlds looking at the sun come up and go down.