Healing Tiles


Would be cool to have some sort of healing tiles you could stand on or next to. Build an arch and stand inside to receive healing from 8 blocks.

Yea, food already does this and there are healing bombs but times is hard.


Plantable healing sphere or something that you can place during combat and while inside get continuous healing.


They actually used to have healing (and damaging) tiles a very long time ago :ok_hand:

That would fit well with the spa idea


YES! Bomb healing makes even less sense than bomb mining.


we have sooooommmmmething similar in the works. You will see hopefully before the end of the year :zipper_mouth_face:


Oh, cool! Can’t wait! Titan bubbles that can’t be penetrated by ranged attacks or bombs would also be cool.


What a tease!


@rossstephens is becoming our new @ben!


…I’m going back to my endless data sheets now


Hey, @Ben was beloved by the earliest of us backers, that’s a high praise!


Haha, I was gonna say!


Is he too busy now? Don’t see him much these days…


They don’t let him out. When they saw him on the forums they chained him back up and reprimanded those responsible.


Ben works for Sony now. I miss his fabulous leaks :frowning:


Wait what? Really?


Oh man… that was like… 2016?


Wow… I need to stop reading old threads :joy:


But reading old threads is the best.

I totally suggest to new people on the forums to read the old threads, lots of cool knowledge about what the game was like and how it has changed.

Even some of the old building projects and ideas are cool to read about.


Oooh I like this idea.

Maybe let us craft a bed for our houses and when we use the bed we get healed over time.



You just loved me for my leaks :sob: