Healthbars out of orders

In my sandbox universe the health, stamina and air bars have lost their mind.



Run for it …
all you can …
Your Universe is about to implode :joy:


Next time you see this - can you share the output form your world server?

You can find this on disk in your Steam userdata folder, or by opening the in game DUI.

Is it this?

Have you modded any config files?

Because this looks like the client and server disagreeing about your stats.

No, no mods.
I have add and delete planets, and change previleges (tester, admin on and off).

Console when i start the universe and enter a planet.

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the god mode line may be interesting here, if the client is applying god-mode behaviour (full health full stamina) and the server is not allowing it; I cant say I’ve personally tested much having god mode and then removing dev/admin etc privileges

tested: yes that is it.

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Yes, i logged in as admin, and god-mode was still enabled, turned it off and it works now.

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