Heart shaped rocks - anybody buying or selling?

Feel free to hijack or make trades here, I’m just wondering what they’re worth

@xira1979 is

Also @wakeNbake was. Not sure if he still is

Ummm, there might be some coin in my request basket still.

I’m paying 1500… which i think is too much, but I’m just that lazy about getting any of my own. :grin:


I know @Damagekai has some for sale best ask him what shop they are at

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I remember someone in Ultima towards the start of the event was selling for something like 2300.

I may put up a request basket soon… even though I’m still going to trade as much as possible, I want all I can and I’m making good coin at the moment from the exo. :slight_smile: I was thinking I’d offer 2k or so each, they’re worth it to me. Probably put the basket at either my Raxxa or Gyosha place when I do.

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How often can you exchange flowers? Is it just once with each person per event, or is it once every 24 hours?

Once per person per day. :slight_smile: