Hectic Rally Zone: The Longest Grapple Course!

Hello everyone!
As many are aware, I started a project long ago on my sovereign planet Hectic, known as the Hectic Rally Zone grapple course. Hectic Rally Zone features 2 different courses, both of which will be a challenge to even the best grapplers.

Hectic Rally Zone is accessible through TNT Shedu Tier hub, in the portal marked “Hectic”.

Unlike small grapple courses that involve sliding across ice or weaving through lava, Hectic Rally Zone is all natural terrain.
In the grapple course, the only thing telling you which way to go are gleam arrows, so keep your eyes peeled!
Each course has 2 checkpoints, AKA Landing Pads. You must step foot on these Landing Pads to ensure you are following the correct path.
During grapple tournaments, you may find tokens on the Landing Pads. Buying these tokens is a way to prove you went to the Landing Pads.

Hectic Rally Zone is a project I have worked on for a while, and as such I made a video to commemorate this special occasion. This video will tell you information such as how I made the grapple course, general advice for those who want to try it, and finally will include a video guide of the courses themselves.

If you would like to host an event at the Hectic Rally Zone, please contact me!


as you could see at my Diary Report this Hectic indeed is grapple challenging :smiley:
awesome terrain :smiley:
i would like to see a vid made during race :smiley: