Helix coil damage


OK I’m putting this in suggestions. Feels like a bug but I’m sure it’s not.

I finished my guild pavilion this week and got it fully coiled so that I have the full range of guild buff options. Today I activated three level 2 buffs. Then I noticed that all 8 coils take equal damage.

It looks like they’re taking more than the two were before but TBH it’s something I only see every 7 - 10 days so I’m not sure, or maybe it’s the damage from a level 1 buff, which brings me to my point.

Why is a level 2 or level 1 buff causing so much coil damage? I’d like to see this addressed. I can think of a couple ways to do it.

  1. Stop That. Don’t damage more coils than needed.

  2. Spread the appropriate coil wear across all of the attached coils. Still incurs additional repair costs, though.

  3. Provide a benefit (coin/endeavour cost reduction?) for over coiling as with other machines.

IDK I’m not incredibly bothered by the repair cost but it seems like a bit of punishment for my work so I’m pointing it out. I’d rather spend the spanner than the time and attention to coil and uncoil, leaving holes in my setup all the time. Plus,. I literally lost a coil getting this setup I’m just not eager to fuss around with them.

Something to address this would be nice.