Hello again

I just wanted to pop in and say congratulations on the new name! It’s nice to say Boundless with such ease and fluidity in comparison to Oort Online. Though I will miss both the Orange block and old name I know it’s the shedding of a cocoon where from a beautiful creature shall from emerge and show the world it’s incredible wings as it learns to fly.

I do apologize that OortCast ceased for such a long time, but I have been working no some major personal projects taking up a great deal of my time, on top of already being offset time wise from the other casters, Squidgey and Dyspa. Being split up between the US, Australia, and the UK makes the cast harder to schedule as the seasons, life responsibilities and so on change. But I assure you that I will make effort to resume the cast [albeit needing to be renamed] as soon as things come back together! But for now, the skills which earned me penmaster have taken me into many time consuming realms as of late.

Again, I am still alive! Congratulations! Sorry about Oortcast! And show this world just how beautiful you are!


For a minute I read that as “the shedding of a coconut.”

I’ve either had too much sugar–or not enough.