Hello Oort Players and Devs!

Hi there! I’m Leyoki, a Spanish dude who found this awesome looking and promising game.

I started a Battlefield YT channel and I absolutely LOOOOOOOVE game mechanics and can’t wait to talk about them with you on these forums. I can speak and write pretty well english (as I’m demostrating right now) but forgive me if I make some mistakes or talk… strange and/or simple.

Maybe I’ll draw something for Oort comunity… I dunno. xDD

Just wanted to introduce myself a little and let you know about a new Oort adventurer! (Wayfarer, but meh)

Happy to be here! :smiley:


Wellcome, JOIN MY GUILD! (Just sayin before you see @CaptJack92a’s guild) ^^

Welcome @Leyoki!!

Hello and welcome!
Feel free to join the Oort Forum Community on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/oortforumcommunity

Hello, Welcome!

Welcome to the dark side, help yourself to some cookies.
:cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:


Jk, me encanta España.


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Thank you all with this warm welcome!

Will do my best to support and help this community and game. Can’t wait to se some gameplay features (now need to test that grappling hook… xD)

By now I’ll not join any guild. I’ve already seen CaptJack’s one and… by now I’ll stay away from any of this. First I need a proper game to play. By now looks gorgeous and I can explore all the worlds creators and Devs made, but I need more, I expect more and I bet Devs will bring us that.

Maybe then I’ll join a Guild :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m okay with that as long as you wont join any other guild :smiley:

Hmmm… Maybe a Spanish Guild for the whole Oort Universe Supremaci and dominate the English talkers (?)
Ok no, that’s some Dumb Spanish dude talking about non-sense things xD

But yeah, U dunno (and neither me) what guilds will be created. MUAHAHAHAHAcof cof…

Well English is the world’s language, you can try it, good luck :smiley:
You should try it, fail, and come into my guild :smile:

Actually Spanish is more widely spoken than English, only 2nd after Mandarin :wink:

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Mandarin is more spoken due to the amount of people who live there, quite “overpopulated”.
Dunno why English is the international lenguage, but it is like this :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks all for the great welcome :smiley:

Well CptJack’s guild is kinda paused at the moment (at least from what I hear) because of side-projects. In any case, you don’t have to join anything to enjoy the game :slight_smile: Feel free to visit me on Cshrime!

To be honest… I tend to have great orientation skills… but on this game I feel SO DAMN LOST!!
I dunno where is what or where I even am. DAFUK!? xD

It’s… amazing and I’ve seen things you never belive (Lie, you’ve made 'em)… but I don’t remember where they are xD

Maybe when the portals are placed and more advanced/final game mechanics such as player tokens and portals are in place I will have more… orientation x,D

I can show you around, at least on the server I’m playing. There’s a way to quickly get from the Capitol to my valley, even though it’s no less than 2000 blocks away from it.

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Some day… currently 1 AM here.
Need to make friends and discover so many things this team has set up… Can’t wait but by now, have no time to do so.
For now I’ll follow the news and maybe play when creatures will be added. I just can’t play for long a “creative” mode, need an RPG element to it. Love being an explorer/hunter. Combat is my passion and my goal: Defeat ze titans and unleash the true of this universe… and now… I don’t have any of this xD

PD: Also character customization… please let it be deep.