HELP! - Best builds in Oort Online

Hey everyone - we need some Oort community help.

:chester: - “Oort team assemble!”
:lester: :lester: :lester: :lester: :lester: :lester: :lester: - “Reporting for duty!”

We need to build a list of all the most interesting and cool looking builds in Oort Online. Can you help us by recommending some builds that you know about? All we need is the World Name and Coordinates. Bonus points for including a screen shot as well.

Please recommend any build that you think is interesting (it doesn’t need to be something you’ve built, just something you’ve seen.)

If you don’t want to share the location of the build publicly, then please PM @james the details.

Update 1: For everyone who has shared builds or screenshots in the Creations threads, thanks! But we also need the build locations.

Update 2: Need the details for Monday 20th July next week - so you’ve got the weekend to collect some suggestions for us. @Kerpie. Anything after this is still useful - so please keep sharing.


when do you need them for?

both of theses builds are half done, but still good for screenshots

Asgan/Gasan 1180, 81, -1378

Rurigar/Ruccie 1300, 70, 1860


I have a couple things i have built but i don’t know if anyone would think they are really interesting…they are unfinished. But, here they are…you can judge for yourselves :blush:

Lapas Capital -766.54, 73.90, 144.69

Ruchs World tree .50, 101.90, .50


I’ll volunteer my WIP city and my old village :wink:


Personal Builds-

The Frosty Shrub: Lapas 14, 67, -150

The Oorena: Lapas -125, 55, -113

Thanks for everything you do :wink: :heart:


I hope this qualifies :blush:

this is on Folva -1700, - 1200


That one with the green pillar reminds me of Half-Life :open_mouth:

The Cshrime world capital (I think it’s Cshrime) is a giant dojo and it looks amazing. No screenshots though, sorry, my computer can’t run games currently.

Treehouse & giant tree:
Oppoh (35, 210, -37)


Still WIP

Lepker 270, 75, 376


I see a lot of people building like this in Oort. Building the structure out, then mining the insides and constructing the way in. Must be an instinct? Awesome build, by the way, looks like some kind of government or guild structure.

I did build the structure first because I didn’t know what I was going to build. And it’s going to be the room where the guild is going to discuss everything.

@james where exactly do you need them for?

We’re doing a few demos this week and want to make sure we can show off all the cool stuff everyone is building in the game.


I know that this may not be good in comparison to the other builds but I wanted to share this because it was built near the start of the game. Also, there is an underground system that I believe should be included.

World name: Selta

Coordinates: 187.86, 193.60, 851.15


(I now the screenshot is terrible but this was the only way that could do it. I could not do a full screen screenshot as I have never done this before) XD


I am proud of my Nordic Hall if you guys want to check it out. Just finished with the outside.

It is on Agabab, -287.07, 149.90, -1679.27.


Me and another user of oort have changed this considerably, Here is the underground system and castle in more depth.

That is it. XD
So far…