Help - Can't open doors

I made a door and can’t open it. Is there a trick? Or is it a bug, or is it a specific button on keyboard?

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You have to press “e” now ^^


Thank you very much :)))

Nice trick there!

I had the idea for a simpe door, somwhere out in the wildernes. A simple door. Small, maybe two blocks high and one block wide. Nothing around it but untouched wilderness. Not really exiting, still fascinating…a torch is stuck above it.
Is it a sign? Mh - I don’t know. Stupid door. Boring. Aw…well…let’s open it: Ooooooh…a hallway! Dark, narrow…long and…BORING. Oh well…let’s walk on through it. Finally! I reached the end of the tunnel. Phew, at least it’s bright outside again. OOOOOH a small pond. And a broad stairway … now I’m getting curious. Where will it lead?

The answer I can’t give yet unfortunately, because I’m still in the process of building a (rather) short parcour. And I’m workeling and try to make it appealling. My aim is to film the route someday when I’m finished. I hope it will be good.
Thx again for ur hint :-).

need some help? I have time now if you want to :slight_smile:

Sure!! I’ll send u the cords :slight_smile:

I’ve been struggling with this for so long, thanks for making a post hahahaha.

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