Help finding active shops

Im running around in various malls and cities trying to find shops that sell tools, but everywhere is empty; dkmall, gyishin (think I mispelled that) ezpz shops, all really have most shop stands empty… I know that there are still people playing, do they have shops somewhere stocked with stuff? like tools? :smiley: no accusations here, I play way to little to be able to support a shop myself, so I guess im really also a part of the problem (sadly I have not enough time :()

I tried using the BUTT tool but while it works great for ressources I cannot make sense of how to search for specific tools (BUTT doesnt seem to hold information about the modifiers for tools/weapons, it’s just “topaz swift shovel” and then prices.

Currently Im looking to buy topaz aoe shovel to farm peaty soil pewpewpewpew fast.

Any kind of help, advice, information will be appreciated!


Sorry :wink: ripped my shops out of the ground again a month or two back. If you can’t find any come by tana in a min or 5 have an emerald aoe you can have. Just pm me if interested. (Ill look in my storage if i still have some other shovels).

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-edit- not much left in the T1 category, ill refill soon

I should still have a bunch at my tool store, head to alder via TNT, you’ll be in sasquatchville, turn to ur right, you’ll see a big LED panel with sword/hammer/somethin else/something else, the portal to my shop is right under it.


tnt maryx hub = ezpz hub , loads of forged tools there


Best answer is gonna be:
Boundless Universal Trade Tracker (BUTT)

However, you can also search sales on the current planet while in-game using the Knowledge menu.
Select the item you’re looking for from the Knowledge list, and then swap to the Buy From tab.
It will list all locations on the planet selling the item, the cost, and the number in stock. :slight_smile:


@Larky You beat me to it! I was also going to bring up the great selection of forged tools @KArios has at the EZPZ hub :grin: You can’t miss 'em, the “shop” surrounds all 4 sides of the hub! Very seldom is anything out of stock, and you can also submit forge requests there


@RagnarLothbrok the GTG Hub has tier 1-3 AoE titanium tools.


DK Mall gang B 2 shop rechts Gliitschis shop plus dazu ein Portal zu meinem main shop :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the replies and help, my apologies for not getting back sooner; im unfortunately too busy in real life (lol, that darn real life!). I appreciate the help and I will look into the information you provided!