HELP! Give us your opinion on automatic protection zones around beacons?


That’s how I understood the game worked before I bought it. I heard the beacon system and I thought it was based on a power source that expanded depending on the fuel you used.


It depends on what kind of buffer you mean. Currently you can’t buffer against people connecting to your settlement. This fix isn’t about people building and/or claiming next to you, that I think is just something you have to live with in a game like this. What this solves is settlements or plots connecting to your settlement and taking them over, changing the warden and the name. Someone can still build where you wanted to build in the future or build something ugly next to you, but they can’t claim some plots, drop a few thousand high-prestige blocks, and take over your settlement. Nor can a large settlement snake out and absorb nearby smaller settlements.

EDIT: Also, is buffer by beacon or by settlement? I think it needs to be by settlement, so once you have a beacon that is in a given settlement you can build within that settlement’s buffer and the warden can turn off or grant permissions for the entire settlement. Otherwise it will be nearly impossible for settlements composed of many players to expand and/or add new players. If this is by beacon, change my “yes” vote to a “no”


Before heading into making changes, It’s worth saying that the thing you’re fixing might not be the actual problem.

The suggested changes seem to fix the issue of people building right next to another build. This appears to be a genuine issue for people who want to be able to enforce a natural area around their build. These same people are also tend to be frustrated when people come in and chop trees or dig earth nearby and ruin their pristine building site, which this does not protect against and as such is only a partial fix for the difficulties that this group experience.

I would say given the remit that settlement merging will be handled by other systems, a larger (entirely unsubstantiated) portion of the players voicing their frustration about people plotting nearby are doing so from the position that they ideally wanted to build into that space at some point in the future, but didn’t or couldn’t plot it at the time. This solution doesn’t really do anything to prevent this scenario, as another player can still place plots on the border of the protected area, throw down some high prestige blocks and actually prevent expansion into multiple plots with just a single plot/beacon (assuming that this will act as a radius protection area).

I would say that the potential negatives this system could introduce such as (un)intentionally engulfing another player’s build with your protection area do out-weight the benefits gained from implementing it as it stands. Especially when there is already a system in place in the game, right now: Plot what you want before you start.


If I understood the original post correctly, it is by beacon and in order to form settlements you need to disable the thing entirely. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think this would be a great change, but an essential feature that has to be included with this is the option for us to give beacon permissions to “Everyone” and not only specific friends.


I fully support this system. When I came in here I was ready to say no way, but every issue I had thought up you had a fix for already.


I believe one of the things they said was the ability to turn off the protection completely.


Sorry, I shouldn’t have voted.


Or give permissions for the people to use the buffer plots. If you have a group of people building a city you can give each other buffer plot permissions and still build a settlement if I am reading the description correctly.


Yes because I can see this taking organized and themed cities to a whole new level.
Road beacons with enough prestige would automatically protect house plots without the need to plot out every single bit.
Villiagers would have a chance to save expired builds that they want to keep in the city before random outsiders snap them. (Ofc shelves can be looted, but that’s not what you are eager to keep in the city.)
Meaning the expired plots would return automatically to the villiagers and not becoming wild for everyone.

But for less unorganized and more open cities like Therka Market or Aquatopia this could make things a whole lot more difficult with a lot of wasted plots where multiple protection zones overlap and you have to contact and convince everyone involved to allow you to plot there.

The number of overlapping protection zones kinda depends on my next question.

Q. Would protection zones penetrate claimed plots?
Lets say blue is a road with protection turned off and green is very prestigious build with at least 2 plots of protection zone (red) would it look like A or B?

I think you can see the potential problems with A, complicating the process of building on the other side of the road.

A bit of a more extreme example:

Allowing protection zones to flow over or penetrate claimed plots could create a whole lot of problems including situations in cites where whole squares can become unplottable.

On the other hand: If protection zones don’t penetrate claimed plots, a simple road with protection turned off can solve a lot of the “neighbors unintentionally blocking each other in an open city” problems while still allowing the neighbors the have their protection zones turned on to secure their expansion to the outside.


I would definitely love this idea. Some guy quite literally plotted in front of my door when the previous plot expired. This could have easily prevented that.


Auto-correct… keeping it real since '99


@james This is why you’re the boss. Perfect idea, not needing any adjustments! Thank you James.


Sounds great


We kinda pretty much came up with it, but that polish is just right.


For guilds as well


Could you make the protected area work sort of like empire boundaries in the civilization games?

Where they move out from a person’s build but don’t over lap?

The person who built there first gets priority over the protection buffer, so those who were there first get say on that area without needing approval from other later comers?

But then if that builder does expand towards someone and use the reserved zone, then their boundary does not over lap another’s protection areas if already protected? Like a hard buffer, not soft buffer

Providing a way for prestige to protect said area around build for expansion, but will not cause overlap or potential claim issues for the buffer zones? Basically giving first come first serve mentality to the buffers. ? @james


im not sure if i like that :open_mouth:
but i can understand that there is need to do something.
but please make the perimeter at all only appear with 10k or something prestige.
lots of new ppl plot somewhere due the tutorial and then move on, dont knowing what they are doing and figure out a week later that they have land somehwere xD
also without a minimum prestige we will see ppl take 1 plot claims to “reserve” a big area with only using 1/9 of the plots that where neccesary


Overall I don’t agree with this because you are just submitting to complaints and trying to fix something you all created with Prestige, Footfall, and other things that drive people to take plots right beside other ones.

The issue you have is you created game mechanics where people are wanting to build next to each other. This does not solve that, only increases the issue now between people. You should create dynamics that make it more beneficial to build away from each other versus right beside.

Instead of you having two people fighting over space in a 4 block area now it will be the same two people fighting over 8 blocks or whatever. Nothing has CHANGED in design. You’re just using more space for the same problem.

People should be seeing that the problem didn’t go away and be voting against this, not for it.

This will create more issues between players especially because you are linking the buffer to prestige. Now people will spam prestige even more so they have these huge buffer zones. I can easily go in and throw down a plot, put up a prestige vault and block people even more because I now get MORE plots than I am actually paying for.

I can see prestige builders moving into an area and taking over it EVEN FASTER because they spam prestige and now have a huge area even though they didn’t plot it.

Another thing is now I have to even have more friends on my list if I want to let people build next time me which cuts down on footfall, etc.

Where does the buffer end? Can someone that is a huge prestige builder now get a buffer of 1000 plots? At least before people had to pay for plots or grind them if they wanted huge buffers. Now people get free “buffer” plots for just grinding a bunch of simple prestige… easy.

So are you giving people their money back that bought plots for space because you are now giving people “buffer” plots for free?

Just a bad idea overall and solves nothing.


Also @james with my note above, to answer the question of if prestige should be used.

What if with that hard buffer you also don’t base the perimeter buffer on prestige, what if when the beacon reaches say 10k or 20k prestige you get a flat protection buffer.

3 or more plots in radius?

Not sure what the right radius would be, but that would solve the issue of fake prestige building.

More prestige would not mean more radius of buffer.