HELP! Give us your opinion on some global and public messaging channels?


1 minute was just an example. For Boundless, 1 minute would definitely be too long of a time.


I agree with the comments on having to opt in to any channel and being able to mute select channels when you do not want to be bothered.


I also liked warframes chat window set up. My only complaint with theirs was it was hard to distinguish which channel was which.

I would say keeping the channel names simple would be easiest. Trade, LFG, and Help. All channels should automatically opt in for the simple fact that new players won’t know how to opt into these channels when they first start. Giving us the option to mute channels and even remove them from our chat windows completely with a toggle option in settings.


i think if you’re not tabbed into a specific channel, you should not hear or see any notifications if people are chatting in it.
only exception would be if someone @'s you in it.
if you wanna “mute” just open the chat tab for pms or your own guild or something.


Lot of people do not use discord nor the forum, so I assume discord will still have is purpose and i do agree we need an ignore/mute player chat if it’s not already alvailable.


FF XIV had an option like this that worked great. Each player had chat channels that they could choose what showed up in it.
Like I had one for the linkshells (Like guilds) I was in, and PMs, then I had one for all battle related messages like damage taken/given, buffs, debuffs, and PMs, and I had another for just my guildhouse, PMs, and local chat.

But yes, I had channels that I got to choose what showed up in them instead of having to switch around.

Having one or two options like that would be great. Can color code in bold at the start of the message which channel they’re from. And if considering this, please let us choose the color to associate the channel with. I dunno about others, but some colors just stick with me for certain things.


I’m in favor of trade and universe channels, but I feel like they should have a restriction placed on them. Rather than have them work everywhere all the time. Make it so you have to be inside a settlement to access the public channels. It could be any settlement, of any size. That way you won’t have to toggle back and forth to turn the channels on when you would rather be left alone exploring, mining, gathering, etc. Those activities, I know I would at least, be better left in a quieter state.

Adding the addition of universe chats to settlements will make them feel more like busstling trade centers. This helps keep a more diverse level of communication, and I feel creates more immersion.


Trade, Looking for Group, Support, Global, and a Planet channel that changes each time you go to a new planet (Only people of that planet can see the chat).


Universe wide chats would be lovely.

I would like to see a dedicated Hunter channel in top of the three suggested channels.

Also please put the channels in different tabs, otherwise it will just turn to chaos trying to follow a conversation in one specific channel, if the other channels replies are just overlapping.


I think you pretty much nailed it with LFG, Help & Trade channels. I don’t see much need beyond those. Preferably would like to be able to create tabs and assign chat types to a tab if possible (WoW does this fairly well imo).

I think a dedicated hunter channel will become restrictive as the game and player base grows, especially if hunts were to overlap … but a way to create an ad hoc party/group (for non associated friend/guild players to team up) and having a party chat would be a much better option for that.


I think the channels listed in OP are good except:

Looking for group will probably get spammed with guild recruiting requests, and I think once people get into a guild they will not be as interested in recruiting ads anymore but may still be interested in hunts.

@james Is there a chance we could get a separate “recruiting” channel and “looking for group” channel?


I think it would help players find each other and points of interest. As well as finding a good deal in trade chat, I would want to stress mods shouldn’t give an inch on allowing global chat to have trade messages in it, because before you know people will spam their epic dealz.


Planet-wide world chat would be good. Help could be something along the lines of Help/Sherpa since some people like to provide in game help in addition to advice.


Again, I mention Neverwinter. They had one chat window with several options for channels you could turn on and off… alliance, guild, zone, trade, looking for group, as well as guild leadership channel which is super important.

You could also change the color of each channel so you knew which channel was which and they all rolled in the lower left of the screen… because you could turn certain channels on and off at will you weren’t bothered by chat you weren’t interested in.

Here zone would be planet. Alliance would be guild and guild would be factions. You could also sent “tells” or pm’s to individuals.

Of any mmo I’ve played the chat system was the best. I would recommend looking at it as an example.

The hardest thing I’ve found with this game is the way the windows are designed for mouse and keyboard but not super controller friendly. The current chat system is a bit wonky for PS4 players… it would be great if it improved in that way as well.


Hunt channel should be a thing.

Maybe you can the chat tab have a snap and pull function. if you talk to one person a lot- you can pull the name/convo, while leaving the other pm’s aside.


I like how ESO does it.
General chat per zone(or planet in this case), then you can customize tabs and one is guild only(global between all zones and times), another for whispers or pm(which are also global).

I would say avoid making specific chats. Go general for zone, another tab that pops up if you’re part of a guild and the option to make additional tabs with filters.

That would be my preference, make it simple, give us the option to decide how to customize our chats. Let me be Boundless!!


I’d agree that eso does a good job but so does warframe. Either one of those is a good example of how to categorize chats I think


Never played it so I’ll take your word for it :smirk:


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