HELP! Give us your opinion on the balance of beacon compactness?

maybe you can make a automatic version off it, that would be great

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can we please get updated maps for the ones who adjusted plots and see what it would look like now?
ooop never mind didnt see u comment for about nextweek …thankyou

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I sometimes have the opportunity every so often to talk directly with a Dev. I happened to speak with James this morning and brought this topic up because I had seen it asked a few times. He explained the process so I figured I would respond when I saw your comment.

I wasn’t speaking for them just because I gave some information that I was aware of. I am pretty careful when I say specifics or things like that and if I ever reference a Dev or stuff like that it is because I do have specific information given directly to me.


Fair enough thanks for the explanation

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@james dont forget us :wink:

in my country a week is max 7 days…cough :stuck_out_tongue:

time is running out the end of the weekend is near!


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Maps have been updated with data from Live 2020-03-25.


I found my beacon on beckon! It’s Zebra Town! @james? can you add a function to the map that when you hover your cursor over a settlement, it tells the settlement name, number of plots, and prestige?

Excellent! I have to up the thresholds by a heck of a lot before they become uncompact on Nova Golda!

There is one beacon that is not compact but it’s a road so I expected as much, am waiting to remove it for the reclaim function, saves oodles of time :slight_smile:

I do hope this is going to be a short Testing run tho! Can’t wait for the new release and kinda hoping there are a few surprises here and there…


Wow, looking at those maps I can see the “reservation” problem pretty clearly. I guess since it wasn’t happening near me, i didn’t know. But if I was someone’s neighbor, and they started claim/reserving 1/8th of the planet…

It’s a tough job you devs have keeping an eye on us kids @james , making sure we use our toys without hurting our baby bros and sis’s! =P. Thx dads and moms!


Anyone have Alder or alnitan maps. For some reason they don’t load on my phone or my pc.

They should work - sure they’re not just being a bit slow? They are pretty big!

This is what I get on my PC. I’ll leave it here for about 10mins to see if it loads.

This is my phone.

They never worked for me the last time either. I think majorvex had posted images that I saw.


Thank you. :+1::+1::beers:

Alder is like biitula but less plotting problems

Fixed the 2020-03-25 maps.


Working on a Saturday afternoon(?) James? (It’s 7am here). Here is an excellent example why I stand behind these devs, cause they work on helping us on their days off!


Can anyone post a pic of tana, I would like to see how our settlement is doing with this updated maps.