HELP! Give us your opinion on transferring and selling beacons!


You can steal plots in Boundless?


YOU want to abuse the system?
Let me try to contain my shock…


No, but there are approaches that might capture the spirit of this idea, without having nearly as many downsides. There have been a couple ideas in this thread already that get us closer (but still have their problems).

My interpretation of your stance is that you believe it’s fundamentally impossible to make an approach like this work without significant cases of abuse. However, I’m not entirely clear on is what your reasoning is for that? Do you disagree with the benefits of the idea (if ignoring the abuse cases), as well?


So you can see the future @Jirodyne ? This isn’t even a problem yet, devs tend to handle issues pre-emptively and if they are occuring. Risks must be taken, please just refund your steam purchase, I will buy enough plots to cover your purchase. <3 @james @CreativeWorlds


I quote myself to make a point.

Just make sure you can’t sell empty plots. They have to be built up.


Things become standard through word of mouth. The longer people play, the more they learn about footfall and the benefits of plots, and that you can trade for plots, which means eventually, all players in Boundless are goin’ to know the value of plottin’ up land the second they have enough cubits to do so.

So even if the devs did nothin’, people are still goin’ to learn about this.

I’ve never played a multiplayer game where, eventually, a bug, exploit, or effective way to play, (Like bomb mining) didn’t EVENTUALLY get learned by most of the players and utilized.


I’m sorry, but I don’t see the sense in this. Now i’m not a big explorer, but those who enjoy watching, waiting and exploring new planets when they appear should be able to claim a plot of land they found, and think is amazing, for either selling (have to incentivize the work) or for building. The explorer could sell to builders. By limiting to only built up plots, you are only benefiting the builder. Additionally, what do you call built up? If it’s prestige anyone could throw a pile of gleam in a plot and sell it. This wouldn’t benefit new players who want to be builders. I think if you are going to allow selling plots, you can’t restrict it.


Also James, and I’ll stop here, no point in adding more: you made the car (service, game, whatever), if it leaks and the repairing would cause another series of issues that will lead me to spend even more money you can’t expect me to answer your good faith. What am I supposed to say? Either choices are bad choices, I’m not a Boundless dev, I don’t see the bigger picture. Should I fix it myself? Or am I paying to get it fixed?

I know you care and you’re seeking the best solution for the community since, if we want to be cynical, even your income is based on that, but if you already see it all, and I know you do at least better than us, why are you even asking? Do your thing, be bold and explain why you are inevitably taking this course of actions.

Edit: To be even more clear, you asked for a yes or a no. You created expectations and you’ll have to deliver or you’ll be considered the one who doesn’t listen.

Still love you, keep up and have a nice night.


Stopping the potential for griefing is more important, IMO, than keeping the ability to sell empty plots.

If you take the time to fill it with gleam, that reaches the same objective.

The prestige goal for me is not to guarantee good builds, it’s to make sure the seller has a commitment to the property beyond keeping someone else from having it.

A griefer is not going to waste 10k prestige of gleam to buy up plots just to sell.


Eh, I wouldn’t actually abuse it personally. But I’m pretty sure a lot of the towns and communities would. Because why would they not, if it’s a straight up feature of the game? Why would they ignore a system put in place for them to make money?

People already abuse the heck out of Shops. I’ll happily call out Krafters in the Ultra HQ on… What planet, Finta? Something like that. I know it’s right next to the portal to my home. Where all the items they sell are VERY over priced compared to every other shop I’ve ever been to. And the Request Basics for the exact same items are like a tenth of the price they selling the item for.

And it’s the exact same for the shops right next to it too. Pretty bad when I can go to nearly any other random shop built in a home and get a fair better price, than the big shops in the middle of HQ for one of the two major portal hub systems in the game.

If they already greedy for just items and abusing being a local source selling most items in the game to trick new players into paying overprice, why would they not use the system to charge people to build near them in that town too?

This ‘Greedy attitude people have’ isn’t something I’m just pulling out of no where, it’s something I’ve been doing around the game for a while.

Got it in one, I believe a system like this is fundamentally impossible to make without abuse, cause I compare it to shops. Shops are the same thing, only using items instead of locations. And people already abuse and can’t collectively set on a price for items. Do you think everyone going to collectively sit down and agree on a fair price for buying a beacon and the land attached to it, that even new players and the poor can afford?

PS4, not Steam, can’t refund digital games. Also while no, I can not see the future, I don’t have to, to see a system that’s abuse friendly, being abused. Even just Plots in general, can be abused a lot, and it’s already a probably that people HAVE been abusing a lot already. Adding money to that system is just going to make it worse, not better.

For example, the resent posting I saw, of someone making a road a someone else took a plot in front of them to tell them to go away. What if instead, it was set to be bought for 100,000c, along with every other plot along the way in a checker pattern, so the guy wouldn’t just go around without going very far out of his way, costing 100,000c each?

That would perfectly be allowed, if this system goes through.


Sure they will


You are right, but it comes down to morals and the community. The community is suspose to be supportive and friendly. So while people selling plots IS a thing, it’s generally not something you see, especially not by most people in the community.

‘But if it becomes a feature, it becomes the standard.’ And what I mean by that, is that it isn’t frowned upon, it isn’t a moral question anymore. It becomes a profit question. Do you give land for free? Do you give items for free? No, you sell items because that’s the point of the shop feature. And when you sell land, you aren’t going to give land out for free, you’re going to sell it, cause that’s the point of the selling land feature.


That’s a good thing. Thats the incentive to leave the hubs and seek out smaller shops.

On that note:


Stoneway Market in High Ridge, either west of New Oortia (via the grov te hub) or from Grov te take the Creature shop portal, flip a 180 and go through the portal in the Storis II Wildlife Preserve

A bit of a walk for great discounts!!!


Builders asked for a way to gain money by building. let’s go for it.
There are many more wrong stuff in this game than selling beacon for coins.


I don’t think that’s necessary for a system like this to be successful. Market forces will eventually stabilize prices, and it’s not the end of the world if they aren’t very consistent (hell, look at the current prices for items; we’re not even remotely in a stable market atm, and things are reasonable-ish)


Nature reserves are taxed(paid for by the people) and maintained in the real world as well. If anything this would add a further step to realism since and the true essence of a player run economy.

It seems funny, not your comment specifically but many over all, people want the perks of having a player run economy but with none of the quirks that are involved in a player run economy. Given the games current model and suggested path, it seems silly to not have a land tax that caps at a certain percent based on the amount of land you own. (FWIW I own close to 1k plots and have my own nature reserve as well and I don’t see the down side)


I have seen it mentioned a number of times and am not going to quote them all but the fact is that since we can use money to buy plots allowing this system installs a p2w feature not much different than charging gold/gems into a game and selling said value for in game currency.

The only suggestion I can make on this topic on the “approve” side is to limit the number of beacons one person can hold at any one point it time. I think 10 is enough. Gives people more than enough build for personal projects and guild sharing while restricting the exploitable “claim all the good land” issue.

In the end we have another situation that if going to create a major divide and think this aspect should be shelved until the game is finished.

Do not short change this aspect. I played a dead game where people still dished out 2-4k real cash on certain sales to keep up end game demands.


Pfft, Hahahaha.

See this. This is the excuse everyone pulls up. It will Stablize! “Eventually”.

Dude, the game’s already been out for multiple weeks, and there are still shops, like Fantasy Tree, that sell iron tools for 500c each and Copper Tools for 200c each, while most normal shops like my own sell Iron for 100c each, and copper much less. Or shops like A & J Shop, right next to the planet portals for Ultima Guild HQ’s Portal Hub on Finata which sells iron tools for 139c each and copper tools for 119c each, and they also sell shop stands and request baskets for 700c each, while the Krafter Shop sells shop stands and request baskets for 500c each, not even 10 blocks away to the right, when most normal shops sell both of them for 400-450c each at most.

Prices sure are stablizing over time, and not having the major shops right next to portal hubs being over priced, and tricking people to paying for it because it’s in such a centralized hub of movement, while also buying the exact same items for a fraction of what they are selling it for.

Serious, go to Ultima Guild HQ on Finata, and go to the Krafter shop, and the A & J Shop right next to it, and see them profitting the heck off of the stupid, and tell me again why prices will be changing over time?


You mean…like the real world?

You buy at the hubs, you pay higher prices. Not so hard to understand.

You have to travel to get better deals.

Stabilize the prices and no one leaves the hubs.

What you are describing is EXACTLY how it should work.


Best example would be gasoline. You buy it on the off ramp you are going to pay $.40 more per gallon than you pay if you drive in 1 mile.