HELP! Give us your opinion on transferring and selling beacons!


To me, the downside is pretty obvious.

As a nature reserve, the plots are off the ground to allow plant spawning to continue. Between that and the fact that it’s natural plots and so it has 0 prestige, there is no footfall at all. If we really had to make the comparison with real life, footfall would be the closest feature this game has to the equivalent of tax funding. If I could get footfall for people walking into my reserved spaces and harvesting things in areas I’m protecting from being plotted over I’d would be ok with it (though it would break other aspects of the game, so I’m not advocating it). I know there are plenty of people who visit and harvest resources there.

Honestly, I couldn’t care less about a player run economy. The game that I purchased was advertised very clearly as an MMO Sandbox, and that you could “build on a small scale or large scale, alone or with friends”. The idea that even if own the plots I’ll still be unable to actually USE them how I want without an organised group to keep it funded goes directly against that.

I’m equally amused, not your comment specifically but many over all, with how many people try to bring in-game time and real-life under the same umbrella, so they can start moving rules from one to the other. I’m certain there are plenty of people that play games as their leisure activity and to get away from real life. Surely the argument that 'It happens in real life, so it’s fine that it happens here; must be exactly what they don’t want to hear?

Out of curiousity… why? What will land tax achieve other than to give people a reason not to spend cubits on plots, and not to support the game with real money to buy cubits to get plots?


Yup, I work in the heart of Seattle and live on the outskirts. I drive on a single road to get home. The price of gas drops almost 50 cents along my 15 minute commute.


@james I’m totally for this. It would make city building/planning sooooo much easier. Beacon the plots that players can build on, then transfer them to players as needed in order. sounds great!


Okay, how about this. You can sell plots as much as you like, but all blocks placed in sold plots/beacons instantly turn pink with lime green polka dots?


I think we all are going to have to have patience on both sides. We haven’t had many devs showing plans and players responding threads especially after the release of the game. Additionally, recent additions certainly concerned a lot of players because there was a lack of input.

So from my side I think we just slowly work through this and get everyone based line on developers sharing possible strategy and players commenting on it. All I know is NOT hearing from the developers on their thoughts is more dangerous to the game and its development!

Thank you James for starting to try to bring your thoughts to the forums… I think more examples of this will curtail more extreme responses and get you what you want in the long run - other opinions from those playing the game.


I’m confused (as usual). You’re selling beacons, not plots, right? So what would happen to all the plots attached to a sold beacon? Would they all unplot automatically or something? @james @Steggs101


That help that all the changes have been bug fixes, stability, or nerfs and extra grind forced on the players. Hard to support changes planned for the game, when so far all the changes have been negative changes that actively punish people for playing, by making the game much more harder, grindy, and less fun.

Then the ask for feedback on an idea that just breaths abuse and greed as a very concept and expected it to be a good thing.


Ohai - I also work downtown :slight_smile:


I get many people are mad but the developers are trying to do better and work with the community. I have personally talked to James face to face on some of these issues. They see areas they can change and are working for that.

So please just give them a break and be welcome that there are changes in that they are reaching out. Provide constructive feedback that helps the game. That is the best thing we all can do.

For success it requires both sides to act correctly. So now it really is time for the community to step up as well.


The only feedback I feel I need to add is that land investers need risk. Right now as the game is, there is no risk just plopping down a beacon and holding land. So, naturally people can just plot everything and I can see that as an issue. There needs to be some sort of risk involved with plotting land and holding it.


Solid point


The problem is that what the community wants, is very split. Some people want the game to be easier. Some people want the game insanely more grindy.

Some people, like me, just wants Minecraft scaled up. I’ve already expressed and explained how to do that on multiple elements across multiple threads and posts.

One thing the game really needs tho, is freaken concistancy!

To get 50 Stone you need 18 rocks. But to get 50 Refine Stone you need 288 stone! That doesn’t make sense. Take that as well with Coal and Smelting. 3 different coal, and items require different ammounts of heat. No concistancy. Fiberish Leaves you need 72! to get 50 Sackcloth. And so on.

Meanwhile, look at Minecraft. Minecraft is built around the number 8. Stacks are 64, which is 8 eights. 8 Coal per 64 items. So only 1 coal per 8 items. To turn get 50 stone bricks, you need exactly 50 cobblestones. To make every single tool but a sword and hoe you need 2 wood and 3 of a matierial. And for Hoe and Sword you need 1 wood and 2 materials or 2 wood and 2 materials.

Either way, the numbers are basic, simple, easy to remember and understand. You can cook an entire stack, 64, meat with only 8 pieces of coal. You can cook a stack of ANYTHING for 8 pieces of coal.

But in Boundless, I have no idea how much Coal you need for any number of items. I just put coal on, and hope it’s enough.

Boundless would do a LOT better, if everything was concistant. 100 Rocks, for 100 stone, to turn into 100 Refine Stone, to turn into 100 Decorative Stone.

Tools should only take say 2 sticks and 3 materials to make a tool of that material, and so on.

The reason why Boundless is so grindy, and people complain so much, is because of how much extra you need, just to do basic stuff. And it doesn’t help that they make the recipies even more complicated, harder, and grindy, not for balance, or because they thing it’s a good idea, or cause people ask, but because they saw on a piece of paper that people were digging up Mud and Ash, and sticking it in their storage.

You’re god damn right it requires both sides to act correctly, and the Devs have shown time and time again, they don’t care enough as it is. They even released the game officially, when the game isn’t even done or feature complete, and already adding in new ideas and making major nerfs and changes to the games, within WEEKS of release.


I think it would be fun, particularly for those of us who focus on building, to build buildings in plots and sell them. It would make it easier to build larger towns and gain XP.
For instance, I could continue building empty buildings near my own and then sell those to people who have different abilities than mine. It would make it easier to cooperate with other players and build vibrant towns full of diverse players


the person buying would have to have enough plots available, and the original owner would get their plots back.

it would just be automating the procedure players sometimes do already of the “seller” unplotting whilst the “buyer” plots, but automatic


All this being said, I would love to be able to build homes in my village and then easily sell them off with some sort of easy real estate plinth.


If there’s no plot switching between characters (selling plots) I’m all for the change. Thank you for clarifying.


Funny stuff. I live in Oly.


Bolding the part in this quote so there isn’t some mistake as to what I am saying.

Competition isn’t a bad thing. Whether you want to compete with someone else in this game is irrelevant. There are plenty of people who do and having things that help support that is a good thing. Gives more incentive to the player to actually log in and play. That’s healthy for the game.

So long as there are proper restrictions or limitations on this feature it could work rather nicely. Perhaps the mechanics around how close you can claim something to someone’s land needs to be changed. Perhaps this isn’t an issue once rental worlds are available and the actual serious major cities start being built that are going to matter since rental world controls are going to be a lot more of a thing.

Selling beaconed plots is an interesting idea but I think we need other things in the game first before we can really tell whether or not the conceptual idea of selling plots to another player through a in game mechanical means is actually going to work as a net positive to the game.

Kind of ranted there… anyways… you get my point.


Ultima HQ (I think you are referring to that city) is big because there are a lot of people there. Let’s think about portals. Most portals are for sale, did you see any portal in a big city for 10000c? or something like that? No, they are in a range of 100/500c. I one person or a group of people want to create a big city they will charge you something fair (like the portals) or nothing at all. On the other side if a group of people want a kind of ‘elite’ city, they can plot a big area and sell it at a high price, and this is cool also. At the end this is just a game.


Money sink. The game desperately needs a well designed money sink. Land taxes would be a solid design choice behind this. It’s that simple.

Your other points are your opinion and I disagree and have nothing constructive to add, just in case I get singled out by someone for responding to only one of your points.