HELP! Help us find amazing Builds!


All of these builds look too nice! We need more evil!


Wait till my build is done :wink:

We are going for a dark themed build town on Till.


I’m in the process of designing a floating island that resembles iron forge from wow.


I would definitely visit that!
but only on my horde orc, so can taunt all those ridiculous high and mighty alliance types and then go hide in the subway :wink:


Elves :elf:‍♂ all the way


WIP, but I think it’s cool.

Lava falls within one block of waterfalls, water ceiling trustfall and slide from the top of the world in progress or built. Maze in progress.

(Gloviathosa, -1,361N, -412E)


Bastion on Maryx , easy to get around and lots of great stuff.


On Seginiaki.


I saw a sign posted on the build that said the owner was taking a break right now. I don’t know how long this build has been here, but I was running across the planet and this made me stop at look around. Very pleasant, modern?, space, sci-fi, water? style:


What about mediocre but well intentioned? :wink:


Ahh, Martok’s place on Circapous! It’s based on an anime series.

Martok was my neighbour when we started out on Arie, then we both moved to Gellis and founded Nirvana Nova/New Leyden together. Then he got fed up with all the newbies building 1 plot mud huts around us and wanted to move to Circa. I didn’t want to move this time around, had already spend way too much time on New Leyden by then so he went alone.

Mind you, this was before the market even existed, feels like many, many years ago even tho it was just months!

Anyway, he was online yesterday and stopped by at New Leyden so he’s still active. He found a new job in late December and since then has way less time to play.

But sjeesh, can he build! He had made such nice steampunk buildings in New Leyden too, was a shame he just demolished them! I could not do such a thing so easily…

There’s also a portal at PS Lamblis, but that can close from time to time, a few days ago it was open again. Called ‘Nep Gear’


Yeah this place is cool. I’ve been there a few times. In part what made me want to build my big sword.


My build, which is the capital of Imdaari World, features a tower with the Eye of Sauron (nearly actual size!) and my rendition of a floating Titan like the one from the early Boundless trailer (giant floating boulders with lightning bolts still under construction).

Here are videos of both builds:


I’ve got plenty of that in our settlement! Come look at our Mediocre Millennium Falcon! xD