HELP: How are you finding our language Translations?

We’d love to hear your thoughts on how Boundless has been translated into French, Spanish and German following issues raised by some of our German-speaking Players.

Are there things that you would have translated differently?
Are there things that you don’t understand because of the wording used?
Does everything make sense?
Can you provide examples of what you would change?

Please let us know!


I love the German translation. Even thought I didn’t know what “Schluffboden” is that just shows me lacking in geology. It’s one of the games I like playing in German because it doesn’t have the stiff feeling other games have.

I appreciate that names were left unchanged. Cuttletrunk, Spitter, Malurialakrib… names should never be translated. It made the German version of WoW unplayable for me.

And whoever translated it had fun with the achievements. I had to laugh more than once. :slight_smile:

Please don’t change anything. I hate it when games iteratively change the translation.


I follow the first Post… German translation is near to perfect.
Do not change it, use your time for other Bugs :slight_smile:


Im still waiting Finnish translation.

And Dutch helps 2 country’s at once

The German Language is close to perfect! Dont waste ur time to change something! :slight_smile:

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The spanish translation is perfect.

The german localisation has a lot of mistranslations that show that the translation was made on paper by a person who was missing the context of the game.

For example coal seam is translated to Kohlesaum, which means stitches on cloth. (Made out of coal?)
The translation of seam is a correct one, but it has nothing to do with ore anymore.
According to DeepL the correct translation would be Kohlevorkommen or Kohleflöz.

That’s my only concern, everything else looks solid.

But there is another reason I’m still using the english version and that has nothing to do with the quality of the localisation itself. To know all the english item names helps me the commuticate with my english speaking friends, to find the items on websites, spreadsheets and here in the forum, etc.
Guild Wars 1 and 2 have a really nice feature where you can play the game in your native language but you can switch all the UI text to english while holding down a single button without reloading the whole game.
Given that I’ve never seen another game do that, I don’t know how technically demanding such a feature is.

I never noticed that, that’s a huge plus in my book. Translating names is the worst thing you can do imho.

Tbh, I wouldn’t have translated warp too, but Reiseschleife is super cute, so I don’t mind that. :joy:


I can’t read any of them!

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Das ist noch lange nicht vorüber,
Ich kenn’ es wohl, so klingt das ganze Buch;
Ich habe manche Zeit damit verloren,
Denn ein vollkommner Widerspruch
Bleibt gleich geheimnisvoll für Kluge wie für Toren.


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You put what on your panncakes?!

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This, I’m guessing, is a Wildstock? :stuck_out_tongue:

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