Help my sweet friend join!

dear community,
I’m having a problem to get a very good friend to join boundless, she is from the Netherlands too
I need help from the community to motivate her with messages so she would join!
(dutch or English)
I really want her to join since well she got nothing else to do really xD (joke)
she just misses out on a lot and I want her to join sooner than later

so please make her feel welcome and motivate her to join :slight_smile:

thanks, everyone!

i will link the forum post to her to read.


Honestly, If someone doesn’t want to come and play to see what the game is like I’m not sure that convincing them to come with loads of messages is the best idea.

If they would like to play and see what’s going on great!!

Making someone come and play because you want them around is likely to only result in a short term visitor and an abandoned beacon.

How about showing them a few other threads, like the shout out thread?


Question is why doesn’t she? What are her reasons for not wanting to try?


se needs to be convinced shes not the type to neglect a game because it doesnt fit her gameplay
most players here that we thought would strick around have quited and left places to die.
i want her to join because she fits in with the diehard community and never gives up never gives in before trying things out first
what most players lack in the first place.

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it doesnt seem a game that has a lot to offer and being compared to minecraft and thats not true
so i said ill post a message on the forums to show how lovely the community is to welcome you

Minecraft looks dull and is rather boring. I played Minecraft for a few hours, Boundless for several 1000’s of hours…

Gewoon proberen, waarom niet?


Well let’s get real here. Minecraft looks like trash in comparison to Boundless. The building in leaps and bounds better.
And the community is awesome.
So friend of @HOST. Take the leap. You will not be sorry!


Theres a reason… and then theres reasons… then there is Buugi and his beard.

She buys two copies… one for her and 1 for my beard.


lol i do like your awesome beard


Ye it needs some new plots to grow… maybe 30 day Gleam club too.


it seems your beard needs a trim, its becoming greedy!


Your friend should definitely play. This is the adult Minecraft


thank you kindly

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thank you!

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I can build with much more detail than MC. The whole community is in a single universe. The game comes with a “prestige “ system that gives me validation fir the effort i put into my work. I can also buy and sell ANYTHING including services which allow me to play how i want, and buy the things i dont like doing. Nit to mention the whole community is oddly super friendly, the developers really found a magic algorithim that encourages people to play together nicely.


If you have seen a movie “Ghost Rider” .
“But at night… in the presence of evil.
The rider takes over”

Im a dude… beard is my rider :rofl:


We hope you will join us on this awesome adventure that we call Boundless :blush:

We don’t know you yet & don’t know what activities you would prefer, but there are so many fun things to do here: building, crafting, exploring, forging, mining, trading with other players, cooking, gathering, warping to planets, farming, hunting mobs & meteors, socializing, etc.

I used to play Minecraft as much as I could. (I would have to remind myself to blink when I binge-played it on the weekends lol.) Unlike Minecraft, Boundless is a small indie game that is still changing & growing…a lot. In MC, you can create a portal to the Nether. In Boundless, you can warp or create a portal to 50 different planets. You can also warp to random Exo worlds that come & go a couple of times a week. Forging gear is much more intricate (if you don’t like to forge, you can use in-game currency to buy gear from other players).

There are also fun events through-out the year where players can collect & create special items.

If you ever need help in-game or just want some company, there are lots of active places & guilds.


This is the best game in the world, madam.

Missing out on playing it is the equivalent of giving your bitcoins to that annoying friend you had in highschool back in 1997, only for him to become an annoying millionaire, constantly telling your real friends, that hes selfmade due to being clever.

Nobodys got time for that, madam.



AWESOME game with an AWESOME community… enough convincing!! :slight_smile:


2 words: chisels and gleam