Help needed: grow the flock

We’ve been asked a bit about ways you guys can help us out, donations and such, but actually the most helpful thing you can do is simply tell people about the game.

If you follow the funding amount closely you’ll see it goes up steeply sometimes, other times it’s slower. This is almost always tied directly to the number of people coming to the site and finding out about the game. Exposure is out biggest challenge, and we want to spend our dev budget on features, not advertising.

So, if you have any ideas for how we can spread the word, or want to do it yourself, get involved here (Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, whatever). If you’re an insider on another forum with good cred, tell people about Oort Online! It all helps. And make sure you share links here so we can retweet, share and upvote.

(And to be extra cool we’ve created a new badge for people who really help out! It’s called ‘Sherpa’ and we’ll give it out to the most awesome contributions)


I already got 3 of my friends to buy the game and other 3 interested in it :smiley: They want to buy the game when more features are added :slight_smile: Am I being helpful? :stuck_out_tongue:

I will do some advertising if more features are ingame. At the moment many people just shake it of with the words “It’s just another MC” or “That is not even a game at the moment”. But if more features are ingame, the reactions will be whole different :wink:

PS: But there are some on my side as well that are quite interested :wink: (3 at the moment)

I’ve been advertising on my facebook, I’ll start sharing it on my Tumblrs as well.

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I have about 10 of my friends from minecraft that want to get the game, but they don’t get alpha games :stuck_out_tongue:

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I already got two of my friends to get it. :wink: :heartpulse:

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The people I work with don’t even know who Sonic and Mario are.


Real life is kinda hectic right now and I plan on streaming the game in the Spring on Twitch.
I have shared the game within my gaming community and i’d like to play with someone, since i haven’t played the game in a while due to real life, and still need to refresh myself with the game.

I’ve got some of my friends interested as well, but advised them that if they’re not 100% sure, if they wait there’ll be updates coming that will help them decide if they want to make the buy. In other words, I’ve got the feeling the coming updates are going to have a huge effect on sales.

When Space Engineers got multiplayer the devs were surprised at how sales spiked. If you get the updates rolling you’ll be both improving your credibility and also the base value of the game. The word will spread ^^

Particularly, once you switch over from the placeholder textures to the new ones, I suspect there will be perhaps a small spike of fresh interest from people who are on the fence. From there it’s hard to say what the next booster addition will be. Perhaps portals? That’ll maybe be my vote for the next funding goal.

I think it was actually seeing the prototype portals in a video that convinced me to support Oort :3 they’re one of the cooler features you’ve got going.


I don’t know how to stream, but I personally would wait for more features to come out. You know, prove this isn’t a Minecraft clone. I sincerely see potential in this game, but anyone can see the similarities at this point in time.

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What you need is a YouTuber to cover the game. I don’t really think developers themselves should be approaching anyone though - that never looks good.

If you are subscribed to someone that you think would enjoy the game and be able to highlight the current and planned features in its current state - then shoot them a message and recommend it. I’ve already messaged a few, but one persons suggestion can be missed easier than many.

We need portals on every gaming subreddit! Move, Oortians!


I work at a Gamestop.
So… direct access to the minds of impressionable young gamers.

I’ll keep you posted.
Biggest favor you can do ME is keep making the game awesome!

It’s gorgeous, and enough to keep me interested, but I haven’t BOUGHT it yet.
(hoping wednesday will change my mind…)
kickass characters and a little more meat on this skeleton and the game should SELL ITSELF!