Help on skill points

I have 8 skill points too use but it’s not letting me use them at all. Does anyone know why!

Could be you’re looking at the skill remove numbers. If they’re on the right and purple those are for removing points

It could also be you’re trying to pick a skill that is in the same tree as a skill you already have. For example you cant select the hammer epic and axe/shovel epic.

If thats not it, then im not sure

If you have allocated 100 already (at/after level 50. Actually if my maths are good you should be level 54?), you can only use them on another skill set, which you can get with cubits in the exchange

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Im at level 50+ and have used 100 skill points. So does that mean I can’t use any more

No not on your skillpage you already have 100 points in, you can buy a second and even a third skillpage for cubits though

Thank you that helps alot