Help please. Beacon bridges multiple settlements?


So my beacon says: Bridges multiple settlements and cannot merge.

What does this mean and how do I fix it? it’s only my main and my alts plots…


the system may think you are building a road. try adding a few plots so that each plot is touching at least two other plots on a horizontal plane.
i bet the problem is those three plots on the right side of your 2nd picture.


i can come help you right now if you want
i am on pc and have the beacon/settlement debug window


This is affecting me also and a bug seems to be involved. Using the F1 command to analyze settlements my core “should be” settlement area with its radiating one plot wide paths is not touching any other settlement yet I still get this error. It was touching but I trimmed those plots back so possibly an update error? Also it shares a long boarder with the Portal Seekers Gleem portal build but that is not a settlement.

This build of mine is on Kada which really needs paths just to get around this really holey planet.

Others have complained about this problem before but the assumption was something was wrong with the plot layout but I no longer think that is the case.


if you have the debug window, do you still ahve some plot with red lines in it ?

This is what is causing this. So if tisd the case you need to plot around or higher lower of that plot so it’s not calculated as a road.


I’m on the ps4 and not online now, but I think you’re probably right about the plots on the right if they have issues with roads?
I’ll try adding some plots above and below/next to it next time I’m on. thanks guys


Thanks Gorillastomp,

Yes, the two one plot wide trails radiating from the central should be settlement core are red. So two conclusions:

  1. The error message is misleading since these one plot wide and deep trails are the real issue, not settlement connections.
  2. This is an error in logic since connecting trails (which are mostly a public community building service) are penalized.

For now I will forgo settlement status and keep the trails hoping the devs have time to rethink their logic.


A single, lone beacon can create multiple settlements if it has 10000 prestige on different ends. The game then tries to merge them together, but fails because of the road. It then concludes that the best option is to just throw these settlements away and put the beacon in bridging mode.


Good point but is that a game-play problem?

If footfall income is the issue then the logic of footfall reward needs to be reviewed and better scaled for plot density.


@Trickyy90 Did this issue get resolved for you?

I’m having the same issue. I had this issue before and after reading through the forums and others suggestions it got fix. But I’ve tried doing everything I did last time and it’s not working this time around.

Anyone have any suggestion, help is appreciated. Thanks


yeah I got mine sorted, it was between two alts plots and the issue did seem to be the long 1x1 plots. I added a few more to them and swapped some plots over from alt to main… I couldn’t tell you the exact fix as I just kept messing with it until it fixed but I’m positive it was something to do with that line of plots

Sorry that’s not more helpful. maybe you could post screen shots and people might be able to help out or see something you haven’t


Yea someone came out and helped me out.
Missing 1 plot out of 1,200
He (NightStar) came out and helped us out.
All Fixed now.

Thanks for the reply.


Hurray for NightStar!

Glad you’re sorted :smiley: I remember how frustrating it is!


If this happens again. get a planet atlas for your planet, place a warp augment in it ( those yellow ones), look at globe. That bright yellow area has high prestige value, the lighter green areas not so much so. So to fix the problem, add prestige to the green areas, make em yellow, settlement will join up.