Help Requests

Anyone need help with anything.

I’m always looking to make some extra coins.

This can be a place where you post any help requests so everyone can pitch in


@james contracts please like we talked about with the bulletin board people can hang that is seen across the universe.


try joining a contract.

I am not sure if you are interested in anything other than building (mining metals for example?), but i am ALWAYS in need of more metal ores (plus other stuff). My baskets are at the Coal shop and Nova Golda Coin Converters.

Soon there will be a place where you can find contracts!

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Is there Something planned official ?

Not by the game devs, at least not that I’ve heard.

But there will be something else instead. Watch out for an announcement soon (again, not by the game devs)!!

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Jacey-chan how much you charge for something really really boring that I might be dreading to do Pfft Pfft Pfft