HELP runnning out off ideas getting bounded


give me some tools to be creative please
im getting bored ive build a city
ive build a minigame town ( with severe lack off minigame tools)
ive build a farmers town
ive build a shopping town
i had lots off fun doing it
but now what
please create something so i can make it all more functional
tell story’s
create quests
get this go there visit temple get gift
i need this so bad
atm we build and we look at it
gives us the option to make minigames
diy quests
create puzzles
dont build the game let us do that
build tools so we can
i think stuff like this doesn’t even need be to complicated we do that part
i think the building and items gathering mining
is very good now

its time for the creative builder people to get some goodies

lets take it to the next level

our just tell me what to build next then i be quit for a while :joy:

kinda repeating myself i guess Old City Syndrome(lets make it more interactive)


Umm. Could build a multi level
Platformer type game similar to the Reapers Trials of skill. Kind of Mario like. Starting at level 1-1. Span multiple planets. Start with no equipment and get things along the way to progress. If you had open areas monsters could spawn in. Or in caves. Some underwater levels?


Have you thought about doing a themed build? Like what inspires you a movie a piece of music etc. use that to get ideas for builds. Also for interactivity we have liquids like water now which is huge and fun to play with. Got a few water elevators already in my build^^


Build a huge display of nature. Currently, I’m trying to make a huge cavern with glowing foliage and water features, inspired by Hollow Knight’s general aesthetic. øwø

Honestly, it’s one of the few things I haven’t seen that much of in the game. Attempting to make something creatively artsy, with no function outside being pretty, is definitely a good way to get inspired overall.


def was thinking the same as you guys but building eyecandy is not a problem but they need to make some tools so i can make it interactive more then what i can do wright now
stuff like minigames and competitions selfmade dungeons quests thats what i always dreamed off when i entered the beta off boundless
i think my title is misleading to what im trying to say


Then you need to wait for a contraptions system to be implemented ^^


ow about the water we been planning the city off aquatopia on planet aquarius(public oortianworld) since day one :wink: i think we will use lots off water lol
just waiting on the release off those worlds


Well I can’t create those things. I thought you wanted ideas for a build. Good luck on the interactive stuff. Probably will have to wait a long time for that as I don’t think they’ve mentioned anything like that.


i keep trying to get noticed in meantime lol


Don’t we all.
Carry on soldier.
image text


atm im repairing a roomba to cut down on cleaning time so i have more playtime :joy:
def will be building something soon
maybe i do what aquatopians usually do and invent the stuff myself instead off waiting :smile:


I would like it to if we could add quests maybe even could create npc’s.
Don’t know from where I heard this but. This person talked about settlements gaining “settlers” just npc that start appearing and walking around. Don’t have to be interactive but could be fun just keeping an eye on one.

Sometimes you just want to follow some player/npc around and look what they do.

But quests make people look for things…
Travel around the universe…
Or just go /wave to a bolder…
That would be fun to^^.


I would absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE if they gave us craftable mobs! They could be made in different difficulty levels… you could craft bosses, and use shards for different elemental damage effects.

If we could do that, this game would be unstoppable.

One of the biggest things I notice people complain about getting bored… I haven’t gotten the slightest bit bored, but I know I’m not everyone… but if we could create our own dungeons. Wow… I could only imagine what people would create.

There could be achievements and xp bonuses for completing other settlement dungeons. I really this the possibilities are endless… especially if we could craft different t types and have some influence over the level of difficulty.


I asked James in a PM if he could make books that are writable in game so we can tell stories. I think that would be fun. I have some ideas for builds, but they would be cool with a “hunt” of story involved. Maybe this could also be used for missions like you want? Player driven still, but missions


Why not call the world Neptune? :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. I laughed when I read the title. Nice play on the “Be Boundless” line. Well done, sir. :joy:
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Oh my.


Built any giant insects before? If not come build me some in my forest! Dragon fly, tarantula, bumblebee… Wanting them perched in the trees

Edit: oh and i want a token for a portal to you on Niia Zed Ka please :slight_smile: there’s a token request basket in my place or i can come find you when I’m on


some dungeon mechanics would make visiting a beacon way more rewarding.
just a simple on / off switch (lever, pressure plate, motion sensor…) and a bunch of contraptions they control (lights, sound effects, vanishing blocks…) would make a huge difference.
and by just simply removing the death penalty ( which is just a mild annoyance with no consequences anyway) when a player dies in a beaconed / reserved area (let’s say, only applies to fall, lava, coil damage, drowning and any potential new trap).
there could be some serious minigames done with that.
and a little extra thing, beacon could have an option that disables grapples and any personal light sources for everyone inside.