Help with Desaturating


I’m looking for ways to desaturate the game, my eyes are getting strained from all the colors while hunting on gloviathosa until some desaturation solution is implemented in the game (is there already?) Anyone have any nifty tips? I know I can do it in my general graphic card settings, but I dont wanna lose saturation elsewhere, just while Im playing boundless. And Im not talking black&white, just a 50% decrease or less in overall saturation would be nice.


Ahh! No!
BL needs more saturation! lol.
Please we need settings for this.
Some people want more, some less.

A gamma slider would work wonders too!


Here’s a post I found in modding category. There might be others in there that are more what you want


Thank you! This seems like its exactly what I was looking for :smiley:


Ooh, @Flithor would probably be interested in that!


All you Pc players need to Stop making me want to buy this on pc and do everything all over :joy: