Help with new build concept


Want to build a 7Sins settlement (patent pending) with 7 themed shops.

Already have ideas for most…

Wrath - weapons
Pride - decorations/doors/signs etc… or maybe trophies.
Greed - single request basket for 1c roadrunner feathers
Sloth - easy to gather basic items. And some chairs.
Lust - gems
Gluttony - pies

But i cant think of anything good for envy. For some reason my thoughts cant get past a mirror, which obviously isnt possible, or overly obvious as to what i think i mean.

Possibly portals to other shops more successful than mine… but again a bit of a stretch.

Any ideas on what an envy themed shop could hold?


Gleam signs


re-selling others’ forged wares

or everything green lol.


Others forged goods isnt bad. I’m keen as to get into forging and do envy those. I can see that annoying people though… i wouldnt want other people reselling my hard work.


Maybe location tokensto some beautiful buildings(portals are too expensive I think)


envy -> a mirror of someone else’s build


Envy: a really shabby building with lots of baskets requesting everything


I forgot to say.: nice Idea 7Sins settlement!


Water has a reflection could do that


As far as decoration of course


Thats perfect!.. so many awesome builds that could be shared, and they’re something im sure a lot of us envy. And as you said no cost like portals so i can do a lot more.

Great idea… thanks!


I dont think it does anything other than the sky on ps4. Do PC players see themselves?

I think this one probably lends itself to a lava build, so i think ill struggle to find a spot with water too.


Envy maybe Prestige items?


“The Envy Tokens”


I like this idea, make sure u post it when u finish so we can check it out. And that location token idea is great for envy


Yeah ill be sure to share and chuck up a few portals once it comes togehter.

Just found a perfect cave system with a couple lava waterfalls (lavafalls?). I think its meant to be.