Help with player plots

Hello everyone. Can anyone help me to contact the player called betulix? I have tried to contact him by private message, by discord, he does not respond to my messages. It has a series of plots in an area of ​​my settlement that prevents me from changing the plots from one character to another for the buffer zones. Some of my friends have told me that they have seen him play, but he ignores them as he ignores my messages. What do I do in this situation? Thank you very much for your collaboration

Hi, if it’s in relation to the new buffer zone causing problems then it might be a case of waiting till next week to see how it pans out if you can’t contact the player

Thank you, first of all I wanted to contact him to ask him to give me surveyor permits, and if he is interested in building, since he has been alone for 6 months. I would like to be able to change the character plots that are surrounding their plots

Edit: since it has been 6 months with a floor built alone.

Ah ok … if you maybe put the planet and perhaps area/settlement/city etc it might help players who live in those areas to keep an eye out for the person.

I’ll try reach him he’s Spanish speaking btw he been around since beta

Maybe place a sign up in the area facing his way, asking him to PM you, and place a mailbox under the sign?

I would say PM James, but he’s probably really busy at the moment. If the other player doesn’t respond, you may have to contact James for help though.

Thank you for helping. First I would like to talk to the player before talking to James, I’m in no hurry and I don’t want to bother the devs with this

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