Help with selling items?


So, I feel like some help while posting items for sale in shop would be amazing.

For example, when putting an item on the plinth and choosing its price, it could perhaps give you 3 values. Lowest price, highest price, and the average price for the item you’re listing.

It’s very hard trying to keep up with ever changing market prices and also quite daunting remembering what prices you’ve seen what for, in different stores.

I do a lot of exploring finding different stores, and I find that a lot of places are just sooo off with their prices, which obviously then discourages you to buy from there, I feel that with a little help this could be changed and everyone can see more $$ rolling in :grin:


Do you use boundless trade network? Gives a rough idea but I agree it would be nice to see it in game!


I do, but I feel like its so much inconvenience cross referencing every item. Other games use a similar mechanic to what I’m kinda getting at, so it can’t be too hard to implement into the game :man_shrugging:t3:


If I am understanding you right, you want the programing to give three prices, lowest, highest and average. That would I think be a lot of work for programmers who want to focus on the game.

I go if I want to have a shop I need to do the work, which I do, I use the trade network and go to some malls and shops to see what is being charged and then pick what I think is a fair price. I may not go with the lowest as some items I have to buy, trade for or use a farm that cost me buying the tool to use.

It comes with the territory. In real life those who sell items in a store have to do the same thing, look at the competition and see what they are selling the merchandise for and either charge less, have sales or stay with the higher price as they can’t buy in bulk.

My local grocery store has some items higher than Wal-Mart as they can’t buy bulk. I have to decide do I ask hubby to drive four miles to Wally world to get those items or just pay the dollar or two more it would cost us to buy what is needed. I’m disabled, can’t drive so that is why hubby has to do the shopping.


I understand completely what your going for and I get the reason why but I feel like introducing a system like that would standardize prices across most shops very quickly.

Knowing the market is half the battle… if some one wants to sell a resource at double its typical worth (maby because they don’t know any better) let them, more money for the reasonably priced vendors.

I’ve bought overpriced tools because of my lack of buyer knowledge and I think thats awesome haha. Part of what makes the economy so interesting to me is the fact that the market is so tangible… you have to actually visit stores and shop around, look for deals, look for people buying resources at high prices ect.

The less the market is like a WOW action house the better IMO.