Help with Settlement

I’m sorry to be asking, but have no experience in this area yet… As it’s never been a issue or have had the reason to bring it up…

Can others literally build against your area and become apart of your settlement without permissions?
How does this work and is there a way that a random person is unable to build right against you??

My fiance and I have our own little settlement.
At the time of building, no one was around.
Just been our little spot and I would never dream of connecting to another. What if they want to expand ??
Not to mention I would try to contact the person and ask if they mind… It’s just respectful.
I have a mail box and yet no one messaged.

But I get on today to find someone up against me and it lists them as a part of my settlement?

Is there something I am missing that allows this?
Or is this another flaw that’s just apart of this game.

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I’d make sure plot protection is on if you don’t want someone to plot right next to your place. (They’ll still be able to plot close though.) I assume this happening on a public Known World?

They might be a new player (please don’t post the username). The new player tutorial asks players to plot near & join a settlement. It’s one of the early achievements.
“Part Of The Community - Joined a Settlement”

I wasn’t posting the name. But how else am I to try and contact them? And if I turn that feature on, what does that mean since they are already connected to my area?

And I guess I must be different than others.
Regardless of the game telling me to do something, I use my own better judgement and would definitely not assume someone would want me to connect to their settlement. At least say hello first and see if they mind😅.

Can’t others also take over your belongings if they exceed your points? Never tried to be a big huge area.
We just have our own cozy area.

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No, they can’t take over your belongings unless you give them beacon/guild permissions.

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Last question. But they can just build around me so I can’t build onto my area, if and when I choose? Even with the protection on? Since the person is already connected?

Players can build anywhere that’s not already plotted or reserved, as long as they aren’t griefing or being malicious.

If they encircle your settlement, it’s considered griefing. Their beacon would then need to be reported for dev action/removal.


Sent PM.
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