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im on the planet now and cant find the gleam.If you do find any csn you leave the cordinates here.Cheers♡


Nobody can lol. It looks like another planet without any gleam. Such a pretty colour too :slight_smile:


So is there definitely none on the exo? :frowning:


Doesn’t seem like it, no. I still want to go and see if I can’t get some of the Sentinel’s Crest from here, though.


we should organize a search party for the missing gleam


Well, I REALLY looked. Under water, in trees,under ice, caves, top of floating islands. Kinda ran out of ideas after 4hrs. Im 95% sure there isnt any :frowning:


I’d rather organize a party for hunting the meteors for Sentinel Crest seeds in the gleam color.


So forgive my dumbness but how can they have a color of a block from the data that’s not found?


because the game assign a color to every block possible on a planet even if they arent generating.


I’m going for one last look lol.


Make sure you take your atlas so you can find it easier. :crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue:


Have you found gleam yet? I thought every exoplanet was meant to have gleam.Looks like its not written in stone then.lol.Goodluck trying to find some.


I’ve got 70 of the sent crests from here if anyone’s interested. They’re very pretty.


What colour


Night lilac : )


I’m not on right now and wont be for some time how much though


I’ll be on this evening… about 12-14 hours from now. How many would you like? I can give you 10 or so for free or sell the lot but I have no idea how to price these yet, lol.


Me either I don’t farm lol and yep I might be on then
I only really want like five just to have some


I’ll pm you when I get on then and bring some by : )


sorry i struck out like everyone else