[Hercul] --[T5 - Turbulent Coal Exoworld]--

Thanks, I think I’ll wait for the next planet then

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Hercul T5-Coal (Volatile Lvl 3) exo samples and tokens are up in my museum… Location: PS G-TE - Lil Porkchop Block Museum (behind PS Gleam portal)… Note: Gleam is a repeat exo exlusive BUT only 2pc seam under grave so bring lots of patience :stuck_out_tongue: …Also Tokens for the following are available… All trees, Tangle, Thorns, Growth (2pcs under grave)… To ALL concrete makers I got a token to Sand as well!!!..enjoy my friends :slight_smile:

Big THANKS to @Soju-VB for the gleam location… I walked over it without realizing it was under my big feet lol


According to the @Simoyd exo bot on discord, Hercul started with

Kindling Mass: 3,777

And as of a few minutes ago it has

Kindling Mass: 739


Dang, thank you for the numbers. Glad I didn’t jump for what’s left

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Underneath some of the bigger graves you can find 4 pcs of growth around the same area as the gleam if anybody is interested.

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I’ve always wondered whose graves we’ve been digging up. Old oortians who came here to die or warrior oortians killed in battle :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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Even though I figured it would go quick, I’m even surprised at just how much it went down today. :open_mouth: Hopefully we’ll get another Coal or Metal before too long, give folks another chance at it.

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Where is that in coords?

:hole: in my :heart: so now its :broken_heart:

There are graves?

Hercul. Next there will be an exo named Es. :greece:


I didn’t save the spot I’m afraid… but this one I cleaned out myself I admit. :wink:

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This spot is a bit easier for gleam regen as you don’t have to get through the soil first, visible from the side. Still just 2 pieces at a time though.


And if anyone is looking for a bigger patch of growth, this one is slightly underwater.


i regret nothing :stuck_out_tongue: 1604 kindling seeds here


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