Hey guys built a brand new shop Esper's Lucents

come check it out at tnt megahub on circ Esper’s Lucents lots of stock at great prices.

Have 3 mining contacts left to fill cubbies lower lvls welcome as these are not for exos

Need 2 for 50/50 gems and ore. The rest is urs

Need 1 for just ore. 50/50

Honor system will supply hammers and food

I also buy ore and gems and lucents msg me for details

Glad to be back on the forums been awile have a fun and safe day

Also buying all lucents umbris blink 300c rift 400c


come sell ur rift to me make some coin

also looking for avid exo miners for contracts. I supply hammers pies brews. 50/50 split on gems ore and lucents u keep the rest. Honor system pst if ur interested

Esper is a nice guy

Even if he did leave DK mall sniffle

Go buy his stuff yall

I miss u esper :heart::heart:


Lol miss yea too buddy was a great location for when I started

Pretty interested in the potential of a mining contract :thinking: